Home Design of the Future

Culminating Performance Task

Sustainable Ecosystems

1. My future house is located in Frisco, Texas. Its in the grassland biome. I would live on a property with lots of evergreen trees because they give off the most oxygen and they will take away all the CO2 from around my house and turn it into very good oxygen for me to breathe so I can live.

2. I would plant lots of tomatoes and lettuce because they are a very good source of food and they are very healthy for you too. You can make lots of different kids of food with tomatoes and lettuce. I would also use organic fertilizer because it is very good for the planet. I would like to have some pestisides in my fertilizer because they will kill ants, weeds and other insects or things that will hurt my plant.

3. I would drive the Rimac Concept 1 because it is a electric car so it is very good on the earth but is still looks really nice and will raise a lot of eyebrows when I drive around with it!With it being an electric vehicle it doesn't use gasoline so it wouldn't polute the earth

4. In my home I would include a garbage shoot right down to a dumpster to make it easier and I wouldn't have the hassle of taking my garbage out and I would also use recycling boxes because it is very good for the earth and you can reuse those plastics for others thing and thirdly I would put a compost bin outside and I would use the fertilizer from the compost to put into my garden which is also good for the earth.

5. I would sponsor a polar bear because they are a very endangered species and are becoming more and more endangered because of pollution ruining their habitat. And by sponsoring them I could find a new home for this polar bear and save his life.

Atoms, Elements, and compounds

1. Three chemicals that are found in my house that are harmful are bleach, air fresheners, and paint.

2. I will chose bleach as my one chemical that I will identify. The elements that bleach has in it is chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, and hydrogen peroxide. The Bohr-Rutherford diagram for chlorine looks like this

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The Characteristics of Electricity

1. My house would run off of solar energy. I would Solar panels will be on my roof so they attract a lot of solar rays from the sun and turn that into a lot of energy for me to use in my house. I would also make my driveway out of these new hexagonal solar panels that you can drive on, play on, snow can go on them. They are meant for driveways. They also light up in different ways so let say if you want to play basketball you can light up the solar panels like a basket ball court so that could be really useful and cool too, plus the extra energy that the solar panels soak up can go toward the electricity for my house. So I would have 2 separate sets of solar panels to power my house.

2. I would make my house a log home because the logs produce great insulation for the house and look really good at the same time. Logs are good insulation because the heat in your house will bounce off the logs and go back into your house so you wouldn't need to use as much heat causing the heat bill to be less for you. I would use western red cedar for the frame of my house because it has low shrinkage and lightweight but then I would use Douglas fir because it has a superior structural strength and is also good for beams so the house will be really strong and hold it ground.

3. I would have all energy star appliances in my home because they are the best on energy. Appliances that I don't use that often I wouldn't buy a big or expensive one because there is no point if I don't use it often and it would just be a waste of energy and money.

4. I would use LED light bulbs all over my house because they are pretty much better in ever way. They don't produce as much heat, they are more durable, they last a lot longer and they are also a lot better for the environment because it uses just the fraction of energy that other light bulbs have.

The Study of the Universe

1. The two different types of technology that has been developed in space that will be in my house are smoke detector and T.V satellite dish. You need a smoke detector in your house so I will obviously have one of those then I would also have T.V satellite because I like to watch T.V and have lots of channels to pick from so I would need a satellite dish on my house for that.
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