Abercrombie Promisses Larger Sizes

For Women by the Spring

Summary Of The Article

Abercrombie is coming out with larger women clothes in the spring. They recently have not had any because they want clothes for "attractive kids". The only reason they are expanding there sizes is because they are competing with Forever 2. Also they will continue there line with jewelry and accessories.


The discriminating a company can do and it takes so long for others to realize how bad the situation is. It tears down at people.


<>Abercrombie only goes up to size large. <>Abercrombie discriminates because they want clothes for only "COOL"people. <>The only reason they are getting larger sizes is for the buissness. There views have not changed<>

hOw IT liNKs!

This links to career management because I believe in some places the work for is so messed up. I think a job should exist to only focus on discrimination in the work force and in companies mottos.