We Want Uniforms ! ! !

By-Lindsay Cochran and Kathy Mai

Uniforms Should Take Over the Public School World!!!

"You're going to ISS!"

This is a teacher talking to a student who was out of dress code. We believe that with uniforms, there won't be as many issues. With uniforms, there won't have to be dress codes. Why keep something that just causes more problems? Also there's not competition when it comes to clothing, and parents will not have to spend as much money on fashion.

First of all, with uniforms, there won't be as many dress codes rules. The teachers won't have to worry about what students are wearing and spend precious class time to have to check on others clothing. Our research shows that public school with uniforms have had a 90% drop in school suspensions for clothing. Also for schools with uniforms, attention and sexual offenses were reduced by 96%. Also with school uniforms it will help identify intruders and outsiders who enter the building.

Second, with uniforms, there won't be competition when it comes to apparel! Buzzle says,"School is for education and is not a place to dress to impress." Certain clothing and apparel can make a distraction and cause for some others to not be able to learn as well. Some people might worry about what they should wear to school the next day and not pay attention to class. Also in the morning, some students might be late to class because they had a hard time picking out clothes.
Last. parents might be concerned about the high prices for new fashion trends, but with uniforms, you will only have to buy 1 or 2. Uniforms can be a little pricey for some families, but they last a long time due to the materials used. Also you could/can buy some uniforms used! Trends come and go, so parents regret spending a lot of money on the trends, and in the later time they're not used and will take up too much space.
Right now there is only 10% that want uniforms but, with uniforms, there will be fewer problems including competition, no dress dress codes, and prices will be lowered. If you're on board with the school uniforms, help us convince our principle to get on board as well!