Preventing Sports injuries

By Kevin Hwang

Knee Injuries

The knee is a major part of the body that is used in nearly every sport. The muscles and bones in the knee are constantly used in any sport that requires running. A few of the worst injuries that someone could get is tearing their ACL or their meniscus from impact such as a football tackle.
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Preventing knee injuries

The best way to prevent knee injuries is to do stretches and exercises that protect your knee. Since the most common source of injuries are from overexertion or sudden impacts, exercises that strengthen the muscles around the ACL will help the most. Exercises such as leg lifts, lunges and four way kicks help to strengthen the IT band and prevent it from causing too much friction.
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More sports injuries

Since sports injuries are caused by overexertion and sudden intense strain, any muscle or bone can be damaged in the human body. Some more common sports injuries are located in the shoulder area, A few being instability and impingement. Instability is when one of the shoulder joints is pushed out of its original position and impingement is caused when the top part of the shoulder blades the acromion is constantly rubbing against the muscles in the shoulder.