Canon Rebel T2i

is this camera for you? find out now!

What makes this camera so special?

I would have to say the features on the dial wheel make this camera special along with the extra 300mm lens! Be unique and stand out from your friends that use the iPhone. I can guarantee your pictures will look twice as good as a smart phone, and you can zoom a lot farther with the 300mm lens.

The Dial Wheel

As you can see to your right, the dial wheel has 14 different modes including video! These different modes/features is what will make all the difference in your photos!
Snap close-up shots of flowers with the close-up mode! Take a picture of the mountains with the landscape feature! And much much more!

Some of the example shots:

-guaranteed to be user friendly and have sharp quality-

Frequently asked questions:

Some of you "new to camera" people might wanna know where to get this item. Well your local
-Best buy
will have them plus more!