LEAP Weekly Update

What's going on in LEAP...10/19 - 10/23

Hello Parents!

Next week, we will continue our novel study of Ender's Game - we are finishing up the reading and will begin our culminating project. There will be a test over the novel on 10/27 and projects will be due on 10/28. It will be a busy week as we wrap up the novel!

We will also hear the Storyteller in the library on Tuesday. Friday will be a school-wide anti-bullying day with an early release at 1:00 for the end of the 9 week term.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Samantha Craig

Important Dates:

~10/20: Storyteller in Library

~10/23: early release @ 1:00

~10/23: end of first 9 weeks

~10/27: Ender's Game novel test

~10/28: Dystopian Unit project due for presentations

Ask your student what they are reading! Hopefully, they ARE reading at home! :)

Lesson Plans: Week of 10/19 - 10/23

*NOTE: Any assignment not completed in class may be assigned as homework but may not be listed below.*

Essential Questions for the week:

How do we understand the character of others, both real and fictional?

What does maturity mean?

When is the greater good more important, if ever, than the individual.

Are violence and ruthlessness ever justifiable? When is compassion a better choice?

How much can we ever really know about others?


~continue Ender's game

~chapters 11 & 12 due for discussion

~read chapter 13




~Storyteller in Library

~continue Ender's game

~chapter 13 due for discussion

~read chapter 14 (half)

~intro Dystopian Unit project




~continue Ender's game

~read chapter 14 (second half)

~continue Dystopian Unit project




~Library for check out

~continue Ender's game

~read chapter 15

~continue Dystopian Unit project




School-wide anti-bullying activity

Early Release @ 1:00