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February 7, 2021

CoGAT Testing

Third grade students will be taking the CoGAT test this week. Group AA students will take the test on Monday and Tuesday at 10:00. Group BB students will take the test on Thursday and Friday at 10:00. Remote students will take the test on Wednesday the 10th and Wednesday the 17th. Please make sure your child is present for the test.

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Spotlight on 4th Grade!

Fourth grade has been busy exploring the in and outs of nonfiction texts, as well as learning about factors, and prime and composite numbers. In Science, we are investigating what causes day and night, with a focus on the phases of the moon. We are also correlating our writing and social studies lessons! As we learn about North Carolina we are writing about our findings.

Spotlight on Music!

In the music room, we have been exploring the worlds of rhythms and meter. We are using rhythm sticks and other non-pitched percussion instruments to build our motor skills while developing audiation. Students have opportunities to be creative with improvisation and composition. Creating a solid foundation in understanding the rhythmic structure of music will give students the tools they need to perform and create at a higher level. We will continue to build on this as we add new skills each week.

Hayley Schulte

Music Teacher

Edulog Parent Portal Transportation App

Download the Edulog Parent Portal transportation app from Google Play or the iTunes Store to determine a student’s bus assignment, locate bus stops, and track a bus in real time. Click for instructions for setting up the Parent Portal.

Our School's Why

School Mission:

The mission of Wrightsboro School is to establish and promote a caring, engaging, and supportive environment that enhances learning and leadership for all.

School Vision:

Today we learn. Tomorrow we lead.

School Beliefs:

We believe children want to learn and lead and will take responsibility to actively meet goals that will help them succeed in the future. We believe teachers inspire success, and encourage a love of learning by providing a supportive environment that fosters leadership through instruction to meet the unique needs of each child. We believe families that work together with our school contribute to successful learning for every child.