Top Must Try Sites

So Cool!!

Pre-K to 3rd Grade

19 Pencils

This is another web site but this one has games, worksheets, it can be interactive and informative. It is for the children and the parents. You can get it for free, or you pay. You can make it just for your classrooms age or get other information. Would be fun to check out more information and get to use it.

The Stacks for Kids

This website allows students to look of information on authors, play games, write book reports and get ideas and that is it full of color and looks fun. I really want to explore more.

The Teaching Channel

This web site has videos teachers can get ideas it is aligned with cor teaching skills and has common Q&A so that if you ever feel lost you can go there and see what someone else has found out.

Grades 4 and Higher

Biblio Nasium

This is a really cool way of keeping track of what your students are reading and a great way to share with other students a resource. You can update their reading lists that you would like them to read and their reading logs are effortless. And this is a great way for the parents to look and see what they are reading, manage what they can read, check on the logs, and on what is due and when. Over all a great website for reading.

Wonder Opolis

This is a great website for a story started or to get them to think more into or even if you wanted them to research other information of things that you might think about. Great website with useful information.

ESL Websites

English Grammer Blog

This website is great because you can sign up and get support, you can make it part of the use in the classroom. It is useful to teachers by giving you lesson plans, and grammar rules. and a place to get ideas and check your self.

ESL Party Land

The pages at ESL PartyLand are designed to provide you with the resources and connections you need to become a better ESL teacher. You'll find loads of ideas and printable materials to use in class here, discussion forums, and employment opportunities.

Busy Teacher

This site is a lifesaver. It is a great source of ideas and fantastic materials that I can use as is or modify to suit my classes.