Help Stop Pollution In Salado Creek

Don't Get Tired, Properly Dispose Your Tires!

Tires Are Being Thrown Into Salado Creek

We have been doing research in Salado Creek and have noticed tires thrown into the creek and polluting it, killing many aquatic species in the way. When people don't dispose of tires properly you can be held liable for the illegal activities. There are severe public health threat and a dangerous fire hazard if not cleaned up correctly.

Ways to Dispose the Tires Correctly

There are many companies that pick up tires and take care of them such as Liberty Tire Recycling, they ensure that tires get recycled and don't end up in creeks or rivers. Tires of every shape and size are collected from a vast line-up of customers at more than 60,000 locations nationwide. Liberty Tire has remediated more than 150 dump sites littered with nearly 40 million scrap tires during the past 7 years.

Top Tire Recycling Companies

Douglas MacArthur Highschool

Any questions contact us at the school, thank you for helping our environment.