OMM Soundtrack

Music composed and performed by Andrew Runion&Peter Werling*

Candy's Dog Scene

In this scene Candy is really upset that he let Carlson shoot his dog. Candy misses his dog and hopes that he could see it again.

"We'll Meet Again" -Johnny Cash

We selected this song because it explains the yearning to see a deceased loved one again. This relates to Candy wishing he still had his dog but he knows that it is in a better place and they may meet again. The tone of the song is sad and mournful and this depicts candy laying on his bed mourning his dog's death.

Candy Joins George and Lennies Plan

George and Lennie's plan of owning a farm never seemed realistic until Candy offered to help pay. The three sit in the bunkhouse, excited, about what the future holds.

"Ooh Child" -The Five Stairsteps

The song says that better times are to come even though life is hard at the moment. This relates to the three workers because they work long hard hours but there is hope for them. The mood is content and hopeful just like the three men are.

Curley Fights Lennie

Curley makes the mistake of picking a fight with Lennie. Even though he lays a few good hits, Lennie takes control and dismantles Curley eventually breaking his hand.

"Ride of the Valkries" -Richard Wagner

Normally associated with war, this song fits because the conflict between Lennie and Curley reaches it's climax.

George Loses Lennie

George is forced to kill Lennie. He looked after Lennie for a long time and even though he is devastated he knows his life will be easier now.

"Second Chance" -Shinedown

The main chorus line of the song is, "sometimes good bye is a second chance". This describes George's situation because even though he just lost his only friend he get's a chance to live his own life.


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*Music not actually composed or performed by Andrew Runion and Peter Werling and is the property of their rightful owners.