IM Conference

Derived from a Latin word, conference literally.

How to Organize a Conference?

What is a Conference?

Derived from a Latin word, conference literally means to bring together. Hence conference can be best described as coming together of people with common interest to discuss a mutual topic. Conference helps in exchange of views, knowledge and ideas thereby helping find a solution to a similar topic.
Conferences can be a seminar on a topic where knowledge is imparted. It can be just a symposium where people gather to enjoy. It could be a workshop to give hands-on training or it could be a round table conference where few selected men discuss about important issues.

Kinds of conference:

Conferences can be of many types. Academic conference involves scientists and academicians who present their research, works etc. There are business conferences where business related matters are discussed with the people who work there. There can be news conferences where announcements are made to press.
A parent-teacher conference is one where both meet to discuss the child’s performance. Peace conferences are those where diplomatic meetings are done to end conflict like the ones between India Pakistan on Kashmir issue. There are also those conferences where some associations invite people to show them ways to enhance their business opportunities like the SEO conference.

Points to remember while planning a conference

A proper planning is what one needs for a successful conference. The planning needs to be done in advance. Important aspects of the conference must be properly checked and included. All roles and responsibilities must be assigned properly. And most importantly a backup plan must be made in case of emergencies. IM conference can be used to plan and organize a conference without spending much effort.

Firstly we need to find all the answers to questions such as what is our main aim, do we have all the resources available to organize a conference, which are the individuals involved and what the best ways to achieve the goal are.

Organizing conferences involve quite a few phases:

Creation of organizing framework - First we need to create a committee of members who will plan, manage and participate in the conference then we appoint a coordinator to supervise the team.

Setting up the conference- Every step of the conference needs to be planned. First step is to decide the purpose of the conference, then to identify the target audience. Then fix a date and length for conference. Planning format, sessions, logistics and coordination should be done ahead.

Depending upon the target and aim what will be the process of inviting is also decided here.

Like important guests in an academic conference need to personally called through mail and calls. Some conferences like SEO conference, the target audiences need to be informed through web postings with forms for pre-registration. All these are planned beforehand.

IM Conference also takes advantage of large population on internet in a planned way

Publicizing- Some conferences have limited publicity like sponsored organization, hence it draws member through calls or mails. But some conference needs to be publicized like first-in-series or single events. Posters, announcements, newsletter, press releases, blogs etc are some methods of publicizing.

Running the conference-Everything that is planned is executed here.

Evaluating the conference- Evaluating is the final step after the conference is over. This gives us big picture about how far the conference was successful.