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June 10 2015

I am SUPER excited for the Premiere this weekend. I cannot wait to see what Thirty-One has in store for the Fall!

E-tickets were sent last week. Please check your email, print the ticket and bring it to the theater with you!

Customer Surprise Special

Remember: The Customer Surprise item is just like a normal product offering in the Catalog and does not require a qualifier to purchase. However, her purchase of a Surprise item will count towards her qualifier for the Monthly Customer Special.

Since the price of the Customer Surprise special varies from week to week make sure to charge customers the price of the bundle based on the date the party will be closing.

Business Update

  • The Bleacher Blanket in Fabulous Floral will move to Discontinued effective today. This should not stop you from selling this perfect summer on-the-go style – there are still three other prints to choose from: Spirit Black, Spirit Grey and Spirit Navy.

  • The Large Utility Totes in both Spirit Navy and Spirit Royal Blue and Spirit Red are on backorder beginning May 31 and will ship complete by June 26

  • Large Utility Totes in Spirit Purple and Sea Stripe will not be arriving until July 7. Because it is greater than 30 days, we will have to offer impacted customers their choice of an exchange, a refund or they can wait to receive this particular Large Utility Tote when we ship complete July 14. We will not know if you have an impacted customer until we finish processing orders placed on May 31 – which is by the end of this week – then, we will reach out to you next week if you have an impacted customer.
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June Specials

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Team Facebook Page

So many things happening this fall! Remember to check TOT: AND if you aren't on our team Facebook page.....join us at:

We have an exciting busy spring ahead of us and our page will help you quickly answer those questions you may have and clear up any confusion with all the amazing things coming our way!

Kelly Heckert--Senior Executive Director