Peter the Great

By Kate Craven


Peter the Great took his throne at just 10 years old. Although he was not very educated, Peter demonstrated his sense of curiosity. Since Peter was new to the throne he wanted to know as much as he could. He spent much of his time in "German quarter." The "German quarter" is a place where many Dutch, English, Scottish, and other people lived. This was where he learned about new and different technologies.


Peter the Great was a very curious young boy and that curiosity lived on inside him as he grew older. He was also a very forceful person because he pushed new technologies onto to people expecting that his people would understand. Along with forceful and curious, Peter was very determined and motivated. When he wanted something he did not do anything else until that something was accomplished.


Peter the Great had many great accomplishments. He strengthened the military. He also expanded the Russian borders. He modernized Russian based on European technologies.


Peter the Great forced people to adapt to western technologies. He did this because Europeans were far more advanced then Russia. He also protected the Catholic Church because the nobles would not serve unless they were completely protected.