Chineses Cinderella

By: Emma Newbaker

Setting and Characters

Setting- Tianjin, Shanghai, Hong Kong

Characters- Adeline (main character), Aunt Baba, Father, Niang (step mother)


Adeline is an unwanted Chinese girl, who is shamed by her family for causing her mothers death. She is very hated by Niang and other siblings, even when she does get the best grades in school and tried to please her family as much as she can. She still never got credit for her hard work except from Aunt Baba.

Rising Action

In Chinese Cinderella there are many rising actions because Adeline is treated so poorly. Her stepmother, Niang, treats all her step children very poorly, but she treats Adeline like she has done something horrible. One day Aunt Baba had got all the children a duck as a present, and of course Adeline picked her duck last she then named the duck PLT. Of course nothing went right for Adeline, so as she got closer with PLT the duck was soon murdered by Adeline fathers dog as a demonstration of the dogs obedience. After PLT was taken from Adenine, she was then beat by her step mother for her friends coming over unexpectedly and taken away from her home to go to boarding school.


When Adeline becomes "no use" to Niang and Father they then send her to a boarding school in Hong Kong. She is then separated by her Aunt Baba, and goes to a catholic school where she has to learn to speak English or French which she speaks very poorly. Soon after arriving she is the only child left, because in this time there was a war going on so all the other kids were taking out by their parents to come rescue them. at this boarding school Adeline is very lonely, none of family members visit her and no one sends her letters either. Adeline is then rescued by Niang's sister, Aunt Reine.

Falling Action

Then is taken to their home to live with her cousins which she becomes very close to because she is finally treated equally somewhere. Soon after she is sent back to Father and Niang with her aunt and cousins where she stays for a couple weeks until Aunt Reine leaves and Adeline gets sent to another boarding school.


At Adeline's new school she enters a writing contest, and she wins. Her father soon finds out and she finally gets some attention for her accomplishment. While she has his attention she begs him for him to allow her to go to college in London. He only allowed her to go if she studies medicine, she does as he says and studies medicine but it doesn't bother her because she will later pursue to be a writer.