Your Child is in School...and..

Ideas for conversations

What Really Happens at School??

So...your child gets home from school, and you are sitting around the dinner table. And you ask how their day was....and their answer is, "Fine." But you are a parent, and you know there is more behind that "fine." So how do you get out of them what is really going on? This newsletter will seek to help you know what questions to ask, and maybe some activities you can do with your children to engage them in conversation. It may mean stepping out of your comfort zone a bit...but it will all be worth it in the end. When the result is meaningful and productive conversations, you know you are already on your way there.

Some helpful websites to Help You Begin Talking

The following are a list of websites that can help you begin with your new road to communication: -- ( - this website gives many different ideas for conversations starters. Another great one is - ( - very informative with good ideas ( - this last one is great. Check them out and write down some ideas, maybe rehearse them first before you go into conversation. The internet is full of ideas to help get you started. Maybe you can colloborate with others who are experiencing the same issues, and you can all work together. HAPPY TALKING!

Talking Can Lead to Many Other Happy Moments!

Engaging Your Child

Did you know that if your child is depressed about something and is withheld, that you as a parent engaging them in thoughful, meaningful conversations can re-establish the bond? It can also lead to many more happy moments, and ones that will be remembered for a lifetime. Your child knows that you love and care for them....but sometimes those deep conversations can open up more vessels, that can lead to more communication, your child and you being more happy and can ultimately lead to new bonds being formed. These bonds must be worked on and kept up...just because you see progress...don't stop!! Keep going on and moving forward. The openness will continue and as they get older, this is crucial in so many areas. You are the parent first....and friend secondly. Remember that!!


Always remember your child and his or her teacher is a great source of support for you. As long as there is open communication, many great things can take place. Make sure know how to get a hold of the teacher, and how to access any other available resources. It will be a win win situation for everyone involved.