Mobile Apps for the Classroom

Highschool demographic


This app enables the user to record lessons, dictate notes and ideas to it, collaborate on projects, and save important information in an organized manner. Notes can be reached from a computer, ipad, or mobile device.

A great use for this app as a teacher would be using it to create a structure for an assignment. If you are studying Romeo and Juliet then have all the assignments on the app, and allow students to write blog posts, and share ideas with you and other students as you go through the story.
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This app offers kid-friendly current events that can be found using their smartphone. Students can also follow each other and comment.

This would work great for a Social Studies classroom to get the students involved in current events, and get them talking and sharing their own opinions using their smartphone. You may assign them to read 3 stories, and comment on each. Then when they have a better idea of who to write a news story they can then create their own news story based on something in their own town/life.
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Tiny Countries

This app teaches kids about countries, and the capitals by using a game format. They have to answer questions faster than the "evil" characters, and can also learn more while they do so by clicking the "learn" icon in the game.

This game could be used for students to review social studies content, and have a test based on the content. It would be an easy and fun study tool for students to brush up on what they know.
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