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Enroll in 4H !!

Enrollment is open. To participate in 4H events ( shows, contests, etc) you must be a current and active member of 4H. Registration is open to Kindergarten- 12th grades

Click this link to get registered TODAY!

4H Enrollment

4H Projects

Have you ever wondered what you can do in 4H? Click this link to see all the projects that 4H has to offer.

Callahan County 4H Projects and Events

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4H Wildlife Adventure Spin Club

What is the Adventure Spin Club? Would you like to learn more about wildlife, while in the wild? The spin club will be setting up deer feeders and observing deer in their naturla habitat, building a water guzzler, taking a hunter safety course, fishing and eating thier catch, setting up and monitoring game cameras, setting up dummy nests for quail predators to track predators in the area, building bird feeders, nature hikes, and more throughout the year.

If any or all of that sounds fun come the the extension office on September 29th @ 6:00 pm to find out more!

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4H Robotics

If you are interested in STEM and robotics this is the project for you!

Callahan County 4H robotics will meet Sepetmber 14th, 21st,a nd 28th at Clyde High School in Mr Nelson's Classroom (enter at the front of the HS on the south end of the building).

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Archery Meet and Greet

There will be an Archery Meet and Greet September 30th from 6 to 7 at the Callahan County Shooting Sports Range (3000 PVT Rd 2791 Baird Tx 79504)
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County Food Show

There will be an informational meeting on October 1st in the Extension office @ 5:30. The food show will be October 24th.
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Club Manager and Officer Training

On September 27th Callahan COunty will be teaming up with Tom Green, and Burnet Counties to host a club manager and officer training. This will be a fun time to meet leaders from other counties. Please sign up using the link and let Karl know that you will be attending!

Registration Link

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On the Callahan County 4H Calendar!

Heifer Tags

Friday, Sep. 11th, 12pm

100 West 4th Street

Baird, TX

If you are showing a Heifer at Local, County or Major livestock shows you will need to validate your heifer.

Tag orders are due by NOON on September 11th.

COUNTY Only tags are $5 each – pay at time of ordering

STATE tags are $15 each – pay at time of Validation

Swine Tags

Monday, Sep. 21st, 12pm

100 West 4th Street

Baird, TX

If you are showing Swine at the Local, County, or Major livestock shows you will need to validate your swine.

Tags orders are due by NOON on September 21st.

COUNTY Only tags are $5 each

STATE tags are $15 each

County Kick Off Event

Tuesday, Sep. 22nd, 5:30pm

100 West 4th Street

Baird, TX

Join us as we explore all 4H has to offer!

Major Stock Show Deadline

Thursday, Nov. 5th, 8am

100 West 4th Street

Baird, TX

The Extension office will be open until 6:00 pm to complete entries for all spring Major Stock Shows. Conatact Rose with Any questions.