The Janitor's Boy

By: Andrew Clements

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Reviewed by: Max

Usually, you should go to the principal's office and talk to the principle if you do something wrong, but Jack Rankin has to clean every piece of gum off of each chair and desk in Huntington Middle School for three weeks! Jack is a big troublemaker, and has put a giant blob of gum under a desk, and the price he has to pay is he has to clean every desk and chair in school for three weeks, and the janitor he’s working with, it’s his dad. Jack is embarrassed of his dad because everyone in school laughs at Jack and bullies him because of his dad’s work, and he will do anything not to work with his dad. What will jack do? Read this book to find out

I liked this book because I thought that some parts were really funny like when Jack thinks that he’s done with the library in the school, but he’s only half done. There’s a surprise written in every chapter of the book. While you read, you keep saying to yourself, “that was surprising.” My favorite part of the book is when jack finds the perfect gum for “The Perfect Crime”, watermelon gum, because he’s acting really weird moving around sniffing the floor, on the side of desks, and under chairs.

I would recommend this book to 3rd through 6th grade. Teachers could read the book to 2nd graders. 3rd graders should read with adults. I would also recommend this book to people who like adventure and suspenseful books. I would say the book’s message was that things that don’t seem fun (like work you have to do) can be an adventure. I hope you like the book!

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