One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Why Save It?

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest challenges all of the rules and things society deems socially acceptable. It makes the reader look at who makes the rules and where they come off defining what behavior is "sane" or "insane"? McMurphy shows us just how capricious "sanity" can be. Since the book's model of sanity is Nurse Ratched, how can one say sane is really "sane"? These questions help kids think about just how screwed up society is and makes them more comfortable with being who they want to be. Some parents are afraid that their children will become rebellious after they read and discovering the message of the book.The message is basically that you can imprison a person, but you can't strip them of their will if they don't let you. It was challenged mainly due to fear of losing control. It's a great book and the message can be taken very positively. The book ultimately shows that your freedom is only lost if you hand it over, and your spirit can't be broken no matter how badly you are treated physically. If you want something you can get it, and this is a hope all kids need in their lives.
Kids everywhere have been inspired by this book. It has given them hope and made them feel comfortable with being who they really are. The book should not be banned, it should just be properly explained to the teens as they read.