Ms. M's Kinder GATE

Our Classroom Newsletter - January

A Note From Ms. M

Happy New Year! We are halfway through Kindergarten. I hope everyone had a nice Winter Break. We will be jumping right into the 3rd quarter building on our reading, writing and math skills!

Good to Know

Supplies needed:


Hand sanitizer


As a friendly reminder, toys and stuffed animals are not allowed at school, unless specified. Please help us have a good start to our day so we are not distracted.

ELA (English Language Arts)

We are working on reading CVC words, rhyming words and sight words. We will be putting all of it together to practice reading sentences! We have been gaining confidence in beginning sounds and will start focusing on ending sounds in a word.

Curriculum: Benchmark Advance

Additional Phonics Curriculum: ECRI

Computer App: Imagine Learning

Sight Words: I, see, a, like, the, go, we, can, she, is, he, has, my, to, play, little, you, and, on, with

Upcoming Sight Words: jump, one, me, look, have, are


We are beginning our unit on composing and decomposing numbers. We will learn how to break apart numbers and put numbers together in different ways (4+1=5, 3+2=5, 5+0=5). We will learn about adding numbers and even begin working on using these skills with story problems.

Students are enjoying work on ST Math during computer time in math.


We are continuing to work on our foundational writing skills (stretching out words we don’t know, capitals, punctuations and finger spaces). We will be working on writing 2 or more sentences to help tell a story or describe something.

Science and Social Studies

We are excited to be incorporating lots of Winter projects into our reading, writing and math!