Yellow Fever Virus

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Yellow fever is caused by aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Monkeys and mosquitoes are most likely the only cause of yellow fever.

Mosquitoes transmit the virus back and fourth between monkeys and humans or both when a mosquito bites a human or a monkey infected with yellow fever the virus enters the mosquitoes bloodsream

Where is it found and currently found

Yellow fever is found in south america and Africa. yellow fever is also found in tropical or subtropical area. Yellow fever is currently in sub- Saharan Africa, southern Africa, nigera and anogla


Take precautions to protect yourself from infection if you go anywhere yellow fever is. You should also sleep in screened housing, Use mosquito repellents wear, clothing that fully covers your body, and if you think u have yellow fever u need to go to doctors when you get back, You should also use yellow fever vaccine.
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There is really no cure for yellow fever.If you get yellow fever you need to stay away from other people and inside a house.If you get yellow fever you will be immune to this disease for the rest of your life.The doctor would make sure u stay away from mosquitoes. And don't go anywhere yellow fever is. But they might try to give u a shot to see if it works

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Symptoms of yellow fever is fever,headache,dizziness,loss of appetite,yellow eyes,vomiting when the symptoms get worse there are, Bleeding out of nose. liver and kidney problems,slow heart rate,brain dysfunction,abdominal pain and vomiting, yellowing of skin and white part of eyes.
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