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The fun is yet to come

Need some help? Meet the SSHH!

We are the SSHH (suspicously secret homework helpers).Our job is to secretly help you with your homework through letters. Here are our guidelines:

-We do not help you if you have not tried

-You must have tried three times before you contact us

-We will not do it for you, for example, if you don't know how to do your Greek and Latin root cards (which you should) we will not make them for you.

If you have followed these guidelines and still need to contact us, write your question to us in a anonymous letter and sign it with the code HSe67. Then give it to Miss Dowling and tell her it is for the homework helpers. After a few days you will get your response.


Miranda's Interview

Miranda is researching Susan B. Anthony (Woman's Rights). She stood up for Woman's Rights because it wasn't fair. "I chose this person because I wanted to learn about how woman got their rights. My favorite fact is in 1872 she voted in the presidential election to test her status as a citizen, because of that she got a fine for $100 but she refused, declaring "taxation without representation."


Makenzie's interview

Makenzie is reading a book called The Potato Chip Puzzle. It is about a boy named Winston and his school is in a contest to win $50,000. Winston also loves to do puzzles. Makenzie inferred that Winston will win the contest because they sound good and Winston loves puzzles.

Inspiration with Adrienne

You. Huh? What comes to mind? This article is all about me asking you things. What are your hopes and dreams, thoughts and plans. But the real question is do you even know?
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Abbie and Olivia's Comics

Jerry's Experiments

Hypothesis: Yodeling in a traffic jam will speed it up.

What you need:

- parents

- traffic jam

- siblings

What Jerry did: he screamed " yodelaheehoo" over and over again.

What happened: Jerry had to walk to school...

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In band we are learning different kinds of songs for or next assembly for you!!! One of the songs we are practicing is called Popcorn. It is really fun and actually get to stand and play at different parts and and different orders to go in!!! Hope you enjoy at the band and chorus assembly coming soon!!!


Photo gallery By:Aarushi

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