Lee Dickenson

My great grandpa

Growing Up

My great grandfather, Lee Walter Dickenson, was born in Longview, Washington on August 2, 1927. He was very poor growing up. When he was a kid he had to milk the cows twice a day and feed the hogs and chickens. His family raised their own beef and had their own gardens. They had to make their own butter and cottage cheese and also canned their own food. He remembers that once during the Great Depression, his father only had 10 cents left for the whole family. He only got one present in his childhood and even that was for work. It was an axe for cutting firewood. His first job was picking berries and selling them for one cent per pound.

Growing Older

After he graduated high school he joined the Merchant Marines. He joined because he wanted to be on water. A year later he got married to my great grandmother Dorothy. Three years later my grandmother was born. In 1951 my great grandfather was almost going to serve in the Korean War, but since he had a child they didn’t allow him to go. The next year my uncle was born and my great grandfather started his logging business. When he retired in 1983 he sold his logging equipment. Now a days he lives in Charleston, Oregon.