Joseph Rogers Primary School

February 22, 2016

The Fundamental 5 ... week 4

Hopefully we are back on track now. I've had this ready for a couple of weeks, but with all the inclement weather, you are just now getting to enjoy it.

The Fundamental 5 are 5 critical practices that are the core for highly effective instruction.

The Fundamental 5 are as follows

  1. Frame the Lesson
  2. Work in the Power Zone
  3. Frequent, Small-Group, Purposeful Talk about the Learning
  4. Recognize and Reinforce
  5. Write Critically

This week is about Recognize and Reinforce

This is the shortest chapter in the entire book. Only 8 pages long! But this chapter packs a lot of punch into those 8 pages.

The concept of Recognize and Reinforce ties directly to the TEAM general educator rubric for Academic Feedback.

Think about these scenarios.

  1. You say "thank you" to a child. He/she may or may not know to what you are referring. Instead you say "thank you for pushing in your chair and keeping your desk clean". After this comment many times every child in the class will go back to their seat and push their chair in and clean up just so they can have the recognition from you.
  2. While working in the power zone you say "great" to a child that is working on writing. Again the child may not know what is great about what they are doing. Instead you could say "great, when I read your topic sentence, I know exactly what your story/essay is going to be about" or "great, when I looked at your journal I noticed that you started every sentence with a capital letter and had ending punctuation". Kids (and adults too) thrive on specific feedback. This feedback tells the student exactly what he or she did right and it can also give them a chance to figure out what they need to do to fix something. Other students who are around will also hear the feedback that is given to students and work extra hard to be the recipient of that feedback too.
  3. We should also be mindful of the students who struggle. We want to be sure to recognize and reinforce their efforts. For example, Alexis NEVER has her homework finished, but one day she does. Instead of saying, "it's about time" or not even acknowledging that she had her homework, be sure to reinforce the fact that she did the homework even if it isn't completed completely or correctly. Remember Alexis is probably doing the best that she can, because she is having to do it on her own.

The book states that this is one of the hardest practices to implement, but can lead to some of the most fantastic rewards for students.

You are great teachers that I know want all your students to be successful. The Fundamental 5 are such simple practices, but these practices can go a long way to make students successful.


**I have given out quite a few copies of the book The Fundamental 5. If you are interested in a copy, I have one more in my office just for you!

Calendar of Events

fun times at jrp

February 22 - Principal's Meeting at JRP at 2:00

February 23 - Easter "Eggs"travaganza meeting in the conference room 3:00

February 26 - 4.5 meeting for Sped at 2:00 - Ms. Edwards room

February 29 - March 4 - Read Across America celebration

February 29 - Wear your "grinchiest" green

March 1 - Election Day - We need to leave the front parking lot at the front doors open for Voters. Please park on the side of the school (near the K and 2).

U-Trust grant applications due.

March 2 - Wacky Wednesday - wear your wackiest, tackiest outfit to school - Special Readers will be visiting our school

March 3 - Seussville on the Hill 5:30-7:30; Dress as your favorite Seuss character; School Board Meeting 6:00

March 4 - Oh the Places You will go Pajama Party


In a classroom environment, you should be praising students four times as often as you correct them.

- Erin Greene