The Thrirteen Colonies Have Won!

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How could our colonies have won the battle against the British?

Although the Americans had weaknesses, they were short on men and for that matter not all of their men were trained, and they had a lot of shortages in food, clothing, and weapons, they had a lot of great strengths. Some of the strengths they had that helped them win the battle was that they had great patriotism, the received help from over seas (the French), and their general, George Washington, was very trained and experienced!

Even with those great strengths, you might still wonder how those few colonies and people could over come a country as huge and as powerful as Great Britain. Well, as much as they had strengths with all their experience, supplies, and the amount of trained men they had fighting, they had just as many weaknesses. For example, sending troops from Great Britain to the colonies was expensive and took a long time. Also, as the war progressed people in Great Britain started feeling like there was no point in fighting for the colonies so king George lost a lot of support and tax money. Yet another problem they struggled with was that they had very poor leadership in their army.

Since we've won and shown that we can stand up for ourselves, we've also inspired France and other parts of Europe! After showing that we can get through a revolution and fight through our ridiculous government, France has also started a revolution of their own. We've also thrilled many liberals in Europe! Go America!