AESD Week in Review


Week of May 9-13, 2016

Superintendent's Message

Good Afternoon Trustees,

This week, we celebrated Teacher & Staff Appreciation Days! With only 14 days of school left, we can see a little bit of the "strain" on some of our teachers' and classified staff members faces. Our classified and certificated staff members have run the marathon and now there is only a short sprint to the end of the year. They have invested countless hours, both at school and at home to pour their hearts into helping our students succeed this school year. What makes the Adelanto Elementary School District teachers and classified staff unique is that despite the mental and physical exhaustion that they may face, we still see excellence in everything that they do.

Through out the district, administrators took the lead in honoring their staff members with cards, lunches, and/or breakfasts. Cabinet and I were able to distribute Panera Bagel Packs to all schools and departments from our own personal funds. Our staff members were very appreciative that we remembered during this important week.

We held the LCAP Engagement Meetings this week. We provided community members with an annual update on our progress with this year’s LCAP. Also, we worked towards eliciting feedback and suggestions as we prepare to write this upcoming year’s LCAP. The LCAP information was also presented to our teachers who attended our monthly ADTA Liaison meeting this Wednesday. Our last targeted group presentation was held today at the DELAC meeting.

Trustees, I look forward to a great board meeting this upcoming Tuesday evening. I am excited to honor our retirees, employees of the month, and AESD Leadership Academy Graduates.

Have a blessed weekend,


West Creek Science Night

On May, 9, 2016, West Creek had Science Night! JPL came out with a large telescope and students and their families were able to look at the moon, as well as Jupiter and its moons! Julie Taylor came out and taught our families about the James Webb Project. She then taught them how to make edible James Webb Models out of Pop-Tarts, waffles, marshmallows, and fruit snacks. Everyone enjoyed eating them when they were done!

Adelanto Elementary School -Principal, Ramon Rizo


Task #1: We began this week continuing with STAR ELA/Math assessments school wide. The teachers have done a great job making this assessment a priority within their classrooms. Students have really responded well and want to do their best.

Task #2: We are also gearing up for end of year activities including our annual Cougar Talent Show, Cougar Renaissance, and promotions for both Kinder, 5th and 6th grade students.

Task #3: Our Writing Team is meeting this week to go over any final preparations for Renaissance Night, upcoming professional development, and plans for Thinking Maps implementation for next year.

Task #4: PBIS Tier II met this week as well to go over Student Behavior Contracts, look at CICO data, and discuss students who are on the SST list for behavior and what our plan is for them.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Staff Appreciation sponsored by PTA, 5/13

Event #2: Final Saturday School for 15/16, Saturday, May 14

Along with the District Annual Young Authors Celebration

Bradach Elementary School -Principal, Julie Hirst


Task #1: Marketing the Message: We are doing a classified and a teacher spotlight every day this month on Facebook in addition to our usual postings of the happenings on campus.

Task #2: High Expectations: Took Our K-3 staff to Hesperia to see the Daily 5 and Café in action. Began the Daily 5 book study with them. Held collaboration for 4 & 5


to introduce the Daily 5 to them.

Task #3:College Readiness: Ordered How to get to College posters and college share financial information posters for school. Preparing for our college fair at the end of the month.

Task #4: Effective Leadership/Instruction: Held our Classified appreciation week this week. Attended teacher interviews at the district office and spent 2 days in full IEPS. Worked on my classified evaluations. Attending YA on Saturday. Held the 5


and 6


grade dance.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: 5/20: RFEP Celebration

Event #2: 5/26: Staff Softball Game

Event #3: 5/17 & 18: I am at NGSS training with Brooke Newett and Mrk Andrezjewski

Event #4: 5/25 1-4



Event #5: 5/27: Volunteer Tea, Pawesome, College Fair, 8


Grade Prom

Columbia Middle School -Principal, Rich Upshaw


Task #1: End of Testing Assemblies

Task #2: Site Budget 16/17 submitted

Task #3: CAASPP testing completed

Task#4 : Soccer Season Complete

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Soccer Playoffs- Hesperia High School

Event #2 Paxton Lab Demo

Event #3 Displaced Teacher Assignments

Eagle Ranch Elementary School --Principal, Laura Ramos


Task #1: Our SPED team continues to work closely with administration to make sure all IEPs are current, scheduled, and held. We are continuing to work to maintain the 100% compliance rate. We are also working on transitions for our students headed to middle school.

Task #2: Our staff development time was spent on discussing configuration of 2016-2017 classrooms and analyzing EOY student assessment data.

Task #3: Our Eagles Basketball team participated in the Victor Valley High School tournament.

Task #4: Second Grade teachers attended “Get Ahead Writing” Professional Development on campus.

Task #5: We implemented our 2016-2017 procedure for Think Together Enrollment to give all parents an opportunity to enroll their students in Think Together

Task #6: Our first graders went on a field trip to John’s Incredible Pizza.

Task #7: Our School Site Council held their final meeting to discuss the Uniform Complaint Procedure and Williams.

Task #8: Our first grade team held their “Book Talk” night for first graders and their parents

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Parent Volunteer Celebration on Wednesday, May 18th at 1:00 p.m.

Event #2: English Learner Advisory Council Meeting scheduled for Friday, May 20 th

at 8:00

Event #3: Ms. Calvo-Roth’s LA Zoo Field Trip on Thursday, May 19th

Event #4: Third Grade Field Trip to the Apple Valley Museum on Thursday, May 19th

Event #5: Sixth Grade Field Trip to Castlepark on Thursday, May 19th

Event #6: First Grade “Get Ahead Writing” Professional Development will be held on Thursday, May 19th


El Mirage School -- Dean, Vanessa Jones

Dr. Jones is now at Melva Davis

Melva Davis Academy of Excellenc Principal, Vanessa Jones


Task #1: We are continuing to receive applications on a daily basis. A majority of these students are from Victoria Magathan Elementary.

Task #2: Our Custodian, Mikel Beesley is now on campus daily.

Task #3: IT is in the process of completing our two computer labs.

Task #4: We have posted our extra-duty and coaching positions to our current certificated staff

Task #5: We will be using Barnes & Noble as our host for MDAE Book Fairs

Up-Coming Events:

Event#1: Letters of Acceptance mailed to selected students –May 6-13, 2016

Event #2: Young Authors’ Celebration – Saturday May 14th @ MDAE 9:00-11:30pm

Event #3: Open House for MDAE Students and Families – May 23, 2016 @ 5:30pm

Event #4: Parent Middle School Tour – Wednesday May 25th @ 11:00am

George Magnet School, Principal, Carol Coburn


Task #1: We took the Safe School Ambassadors and 8th grade students to the Museum of Tolerance. Students learned about responsibility and examined racism and prejudice around the world with a strong focus on the history of the Holocaust. All George students were very well behaved and received compliments from the tour guides. We were hoping to provide an educational experience for our scholars to try to understand the need for tolerance in our community and world.
Task #2: Twenty students from George, ten students from Westside Park, and two students from district programs attended Science Camp at Camp Alpine. Students went zip lining, hiked the mountain, and enjoy many outdoor activities. Ten chaperones accompanied our students. The weather was beautiful and our students had a great time.

Task #3: I met with the regional director from United Way. We discussed creating a partnership between United Way and George to educate our students and parents about the pathways to success. We spoke specifically about utilizing Victor Valley College and their programs to expose students and parents to career, vocational, and the college experience. The program would consist of parent informational meetings, guest speakers, student projects, and field trips. This opportunity is very exciting and in line with the vision for George. The next steps will be creating the MOU between United Way and George School.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: BOGO Book Fair, Monday, May 9-18 in the PTSA room

Event #2: May 17, 2016, Staff Appreciation Luncheon from 10:30-1:00 for all staff members

Event #3: Awards Assemblies

Event #4: 7th grade- May 19 @ 9:30 a.m.

Event #5: 5th and 6th grade- May 20 @ 9:30 a.m.

Event #6: TK, 1st & 2nd– May 23 @ 9:30 a.m.

Event #7: 3rd and 4th grade – May 24 @ 9:30 a.m.

Event #8: 8th Grade Symposium in the MPR 1:45-3:20 p.m.

Event #9: AR Readers Award Pizza Lunch at John’s Incredible Pizza on May 26 from 11:30-1:00 p.m.

Event #10: Music Concert at 7:00 p.m.

Event #11: Emerging Voices Film Fest and Art Show May 21 at 11:00 a.m.

Gus Franklin Jr. --Principal, Mina Blazy


Task #1: All testing complete; started to check preliminary scores (so excited)

Task #2: Walked the classrooms during the test

Task #3: Met with grade level lead teachers

Task #4: Started discussion about next year’s adjunct duties and activities: calendar of events

Task #5: Organizing classrooms for next year

Task #6: Substitute for a classroom in order to allow teachers to attend district meetings

Task #7: created map of school with teacher movement

Task #8: teacher’s collaborated about promotion

Task #9: attended end of the year MESA Day

Task #10: Accepted kindergarten for next year; still looking for TK students

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Book fair May 9th – May 13th

Event #2: May 27th - Father's Day - Day of Fun Celebration at 2:00p.m.

Event #3: May 31st - Water Fun Day - Celebrate in classroom and on kinder playground (all day event)

Event #5: June 1st– 5th and 6th grade water park field trip

Event #6: promotion May 30th 5th grade and June 2 6th grade

Event #7: June 1st - Game Day - Kids bring games from home (morning) & Final Awards Event

Event #8: Assembly in my classroom at 2:00p.m.

Event #9:June 2nd - Movie Day - Celebrate the last day of school

Event #10: 5th-7th grade dance TBD – possibly May 27th

Event #11: May 25th th & K Aquarium of the Pacific

Mesa Linda Middle School--Principal, Darlene Mossman


Task #1: SBAC Testing and Make-ups

Task #2: MLMS Admin planning session 5/9/16 - DO

Task #3: Wrote Evals 5/9/16, DO

Task #4: High Desert Partnership meeting, 5/10/16, Sitting Bull 8am – 12pm

Task #5: Feeder School presentation 5/10/16, MKP

Task #6: Teacher Interviews 5/11/16, 8am – 1pm, DO

Task #7: AVID Dance, 5/12/16, 2pm – 3:30pm

Task #8: Met with Ajay, Getta, and Dr. Amy regarding 2016/2017 Budget

Task #9: Created preliminary budget for 2016/2017

Task #10: Extra Duty Assignments for 2016/2017 posted on 5/10/16

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Certificated Eval meetings 5/12 – 5/13

Event #2: MLMS 2016/2017 Planning, 5/16/16, DO

Event #3: IEPs

Event #4: MLMS Leadership Meeting

Event #5: CABE 5/17/16

Event #6: Athletic Banquet 5/18/16 at 5:30pm – 7:30pm, MLMS

Event #7: Meet with Todd, 5/19/16 at 8am

Event #8: PBIS 5/18/16 at 2pm – 3pm

Morgan Kincaid School ---Principal, Kristen Cooper


Task #1: I conducted observations of Induction Program reflective coach candidates. With a teacher from the PAR panel we observed 6 different teachers at five different school sites.

Task #2: I completed teacher evaluations and met with the teachers to review their final summative evaluation.

Task #3: We celebrated staff appreciation week for both classified and certificated staff this week. They were given different treats each day and received a breakfast, lunch, and day of desserts each on different days.

Task #4: SST meetings were held for 13 students. One student was referred for testing. The remaining students will continue to be monitored in the fall of the 2016-2017 school year.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon – May 18th at 12:00

Ted Vick School- Principal, Vikki Chavez


Task #1: Reviewed data with EL Coordinator to identify students who are ready for reclassification.

Task #2: Held SSC Meeting to review new grade-level configurations and to discuss areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Task #3: Met with 6th

grade classes to discuss importance of TDAP.

Task #4: 6th and 7th graders visited University of Redlands and Crafton Hills College.

Task: 5: Held SSTs for students.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: May 24th end of the year round up assemblies for grades 1-4.

Event #2: May 25- 4th graders visiting CSUSB and SB County Museum.

Victoria Magathan School -Principal, Sandra Loudermilk


Task #1: Our online testing is complete for now, we are waiting for a few new students to show up in our system so we can test them. We have 2 science tests to still make up and we still need to administer the CAA and CAPA.

Task #2: We held SST meetings, our PBiS meeting, and our Field day planning meetings this week. We are making year end plans and also plans for the beginning of next year.

Task #3: Our International Night was Friday.

Task #4: PTA had the last perfect attendance popcorn party. They will be passing out pencils next month.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Our Ride and Drive event will be Thursday from 2:30-5:30. Our talent show will follow at 5:30.

Event #2: We will have a uniform meeting on Monday at 5:00 to address concerns with the uniforms for next year.

Event #3: We will have our last SST meetings for the year on Monday.

West Creek Elementary School -Principal Deborah Bowers


Task #1: Science Night: On Monday, West Creek hosted a Science Night for all the families. Julie Taylor led the students in creating an edible James Webb Telescope and two gentlemen with connections to JPL set up telescopes for the families to view the moon and Jupiter. Children of all ages enjoyed creating the telescope and learning about how telescopes help us learn about space. The highlight of the night for the older (adults) was the opportunity to actually look through a telescope and see the beauty of Jupiter and the moon. Families were asking when we will have the next one and students were telling me how excited they are for night time to come so they can look at the stars. It was a wonderful experience for all. Thank you to Mrs. Goslee, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Herrera, and Mr. Jonathon for staying until almost 10:00 on Monday night to make sure the event was successful. Mrs. Goslee was the teacher who arranged everything and made the night a success!

Task #2: Pinks and Blues: Our staff dedicated their meeting time to completing student information sheets. These information sheets will be utilized to determine class lists for next year. Teachers collaborated for over 2 hours discussing student achievement and how to best support students in the coming year. Class lists were given to me so our office staff can keep track of student placements. Also the information sheets will be sent to other schools as students are moved according to boundary changes.

Task #3: Track Meet: Our 4th-6th grade students participated in a track meet on Friday. The winners will move onto the district track meet on May 19th. Students are extremely excited about the opportunity to participate in the district track meet and look forward to showing off their running skills. Many 3rd grade students are asking about the opportunity to participate next year. The day was finished off with a field day for the students; there were games and otter pops for everyone. It was an exciting day for everyone involved.

Task #4: Young Authors: Our students have been working very hard on completing their Young Author’s books and are ready to celebrate their accomplishments. Mrs. Mestanas and Mrs. Beck have been leading the Young Author’s program this year and we are excited to see the final products.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: May 13: Honors Lunch with Principal

Event #2: May 14: Saturday School

Event #3: May 14: Young Authors

Event #4: May 16: 6th grade field trip to John’s Incredible Pizza

Event #5: May 18: 3rd grade PBIS field trip to Maverick’s Stadium

Event #6: May 20: AR Celebration

Westside Park Elementary School -Principal Sherelle Crawford


Task #1: We are supporting positive student behavior with additional activities. We now have a monthly character focus. This month’s focus is “Respect.” Students are completing class activities under their teacher’s direction. Our PBIS lesson topic for this month is “Respecting Staff and Peers.” We are also increasing after school supervision in our bus loading area for the remainder of this school year.

Task #2: SBAC testing is nearing completion. This week we are finishing make-up testing. Our science tests were returned to the District. Students with perfect attendance during the testing window enjoyed a special ice cream treat.

Task #3: Our GATE students attended the Science Camp field trip with George School. The students were very excited about their 4 day trip.

Task #4: Basketball players, Journalist and Cooking class students enjoyed a field trip to Huntington Beach.

Task #5: Students, parents and teachers enjoyed the Young Author’s celebration at Melva Davis. Westside Park submitted 15 books that were a combination of class and individual entries.

Task #6: Staff meeting was cancelled to provide all teachers the opportunity to attend the Benefits Open Enrollment at the District Office.

Task #7: Parents continue to enjoy the weekly Loving solutions parenting workshop.

Task #8: Student achievement continues to be supported through SST and IEP meetings.

Task #9: As our school year is wrapping up we are working on starting the complete the pinks & blues. This week is the final check-out for library books. Next week will be the final check-in for library books.

Task #10: Students are looking forward to a special themed final Saturday School. The Saturday School will focus on science activities and field day. Student teams will design egg drop projects. Their goal is to create a container that will keep their egg from breaking when dropped.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Band and choir concert, 5/19/16 @ 6:00pm

Event #2: Staff Appreciation Luncheon, 5/18/16

Event #3: International Week begins, 5/20/16

Event #4: Tk & K Promotion Ceremony, 6/1 @ 9:45am

Event #5: 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony, 6/1 @ 2pm

Event #6: 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony, 6/2 @ 9:30am

Chief Academic Officer- Dr. Amy Nguyen-Hernandez


Task #1: On Monday, the CBO, CPO, and I met with the Director of Transportation to start planning for the bus routes next year. With the opening of a new school and the new boundaries for elementary schools, there will be a need to do some minor changes to some of the start times for some of our schools. Further discussion will occur as we finalize plans for next year.

Task #2: On Monday afternoon, I met with the CPO, Director of CWA, and 2 teachers to start planning for our New Teacher Orientation for next school year. With approximately 20-30 new teachers that will be hired for next year, we are working on a 1-2 day orientation as part of their pre-condition for hiring. This will allow our new teachers a chance to preview our instructional materials and practices, meet key members of the leadership team, and become familiar with the expectations of AESD. We will be meeting several more times over the summer as we put these plans into place.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Sat, May 14 – Young Authors Celebration at Melva Davis Academy of Excellence from 9 – 11:30 am.

Event #2: Wed, May 18 – May Revision Workshop at the Ontario Convention Center from 8 – 12 pm.

Event #3: Sat, May 21 – George Film Festival in the George MPR at 11 am.

Chief Business Officer- Mr. Ajay Mohindra


Task #1: District negotiations team held a bargaining session with CSEA and reached an agreement on health and welfare for fiscal year 2016-17. It was a very good and productive session.

Task #2: Dr. Hernandez, Mr. Beal, Mr. Armington and I met to discuss schools start times for the upcoming school year. As a district we are trying to minimize the transportation impact by adjusting school times.

Task #3: Mr. Anwar and I visited school sites to review grounds and facility needs.

Task #4: Attended LCAP engagement meetings held at the district office along with Dr. Hernandez.

Task #5: Participated in the ADTA liaison Committee with Dr. Gomez and rest of the cabinet members. This was the last meeting for fiscal year 2015-16.

Task #6: District negotiation team met to prepare for negotiation session with ADTA.

Task #7: Continue to meet CNS coordinators, MOT and Fiscal Services director to know how the departments are doing and talk about issues or concerns of the departments.

Upcoming Events: Governors May Revise workshop May 18, 2016

Chief Personnel Officer- Mr. Todd Beal


Task #1: Certificated

References on applicants from previous interviews are being conducted. Tentative teacher assignments were sent out. Elementary School Teacher interviews occurred on May 11, 2016. The new hire substitute teacher orientation was given on May 12, 2016. Contracted teachers for General Education and SAI continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Certificated substitute/guest teachers continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Substitute teacher coverage was at 94 percent even though there were school business absences all days this week. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #2: Classified

On May 9, 2016 Clerk III in-house transfers occurred. Campus Security training occurred and the School Secretary test were given on May 10, 2016. Interviews for Information Systems Support Technician occurred on May 11, 2016. The substitute warehouse worker test was given on May 12, 2016.Contracted classified employees continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Classified substitutes continue to be processed. Processing of volunteers for the 2015-16 year continues. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #3: Risk Management

May 10th - Campus Security orientation for a new substitute. This includes handbook, anti-bullying policy and de-escalation information.

May 10th - Health Fair-we had over 130 participants. Many of our partner vendors attended. We offered free health screenings, insurance information, give ways and prizes. Special thanks to Debbie Reynolds, Melanie Olson-Zavala and Lori McMillen for helping with the set up and take down.

May 10th - Interviews for Pool Manager. We are recommending Lori Rhodes (PE Teacher). We hope to open the pool on 6/4/16. In the processing of setting up the schedule and getting the Lifeguards on board.

May 11th - Drove to the JPA Executive Board meeting in San Bernardino but came right back to assist at Mesa Linda until 2 pm today due to student fight. Several employees were injured, but none had to go to the doctor. We are now assigning two substitute Campus Security to the site for the remainder of the year as well as our Probation Officer Colunga.

May 11th - Attended the Teacher Liaison meeting. Discussion concerning curriculum materials and bench marks. They would like to have counselors at the schools sites to assist with disruptive students. We will look at options to assist our teachers in this area. They also have a concern with not enough substitute teachers.

May 13th - Workers’ Compensation weekly file review.

Task #4: Child Welfare and Attendance

Our final Saturday School session for 2015-2016 will be on May 14th.

Our current enrollment is 8,524 students. This is up 6 students from last week.

This year First Christian Church (FCC) has pledged 150 backpacks to our Adelanto Elementary Schools as part of their backpack giveaway event in July. These backpacks will also have school supplies in them for some of our neediest students.

CSEA Negotiations


ADTA Negotiations


Upcoming Events

Event #1: 5/16/16 – IPRC interviews

Event #2: 5/19/16 – Assistant Principal interviews

Event #3: 5/26/16 – Music teacher MDAE interviews

Special Education- Jennifer Johnson


Task 1: Met with our assigned program specialist Renee Garcia to get updates regarding all the cases and teachers/programs that she is currently working with

Task 2: Scheduled a meeting to meet with the SELPA team to discuss planning and AESD needs for next year.

Task 3: SELPA steering committee meeting is this Friday

Task 4: Paraprofessional make up session for module 9 will be held Thursday night

Upcoming Events

Event # 1: Monthly meeting with SELPA 05-09-16

Event #2: Yearly meeting with SELPA team for planning 05-11-16

Event #3: Paraprofessionals make up modules 05-12-16

Event #4: DMSELPA Steering Meeting 05-13-16

Director of CNS- Delise Barringer

Out on Sick Leave

Thumbs Up

Laura Ramos, Principal at Eagle Ranch

Mrs. Ramos is doing an excellent job as the Principal at ERS. Mrs. Ramos knows every student by name. She works hard to foster an environment of high expectations, respect and caring at Eagle Ranch. We are fortunate to have Laura Ramos on our team.

Quote for the Week

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