Garden Gal

Tower Gardens

Grow flowers to improve the beauty and health of your tower!

Planting flowers in the top tier of your tower garden will attract pollinators, deter pests and improve the look of a tower garden!

Here are a few flowers to choose from (there are many more that would also work)

1. Calendula: Deters pests, edible and easy to grow

2. Dwarf Sunflower: Attracts good bugs, birds and are edible

3. Nasturtium: Deters pests, edible and easy to grow

Garden Gal Recipe:

Part of the reason to have a tower garden is to try new things!

Battered Stuffed Nasturtium Flowers:

Nasturtium Flowers

Eggs whisked


Ricotta Cheese

Oil (for frying)

Wash flowers, and let dry thoroughly. Whisk egg(s) in a small bowl and place flour in a separate bowl. Once the flowers are completely dry stuff with ricotta cheese. The amount will be dependent on how big the flowers are, but try to close the flowers if you can! Dip the stuffed flower into the whisked eggs, then into the flower, and finally into the hot oil. Once the flowers are browned on one side, flip to the other and then place on a paper towel. Continue until all your flowers are fried and enjoy!