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Inventions for the Holiday Season or Just Because

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The Problem: What Gift to Give? OR Just Feeling Creative?

People create to solve a problem. For example, we learned that the Cotton Gin was created to solve the problem of getting the seeds out of cotton more quickly so it could be spun into yarn. Kid President's problem was that his cat was afraid of the vacuum cleaner, so he was trying to invent a vacuum cleaner that wouldn't scare his cat. This time of the year, many people have a gift-giving problem: they don't know what to give to their friends and family during the holiday season. So, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Ramadan, the coming New Year, birthdays, or any other special event, what gift to give can be a problem. Even if you aren't looking for a gift to give, the cold winter months are a great time of the year to be an inventor! It helps beat the winter cold! Use your stuck inside time to invent & be creative!


Have you ever heard the saying the best gifts are homemade? Making your gifts (or inventing them) makes the gift extra special because of the time and effort spent on these gifts! Plus they're more unique since you can't buy them in a store. So whether you have a gift-giving occasion or just feel like inventing something new to do, click the links below to check out some neat ideas!

Your Assignment: Personalize & Share!

The activities below are meant to get your creative juices flowing. You can to try just one or you can try them all! OR you can create your own invention! Feel free to customize your creation based on the materials you have available and the look or design you want to achieve! Please take a picture of your invention and upload the picture through the assignment link. Also, please include the following with your submission in the comment box:

  • Who you made the invention for
  • Why it made a good gift, (if it is a gift)
  • Any problems you encountered or modifications you made!

We'll share our inventions when we get back from break! Happy Winter Break!

*If you need more time to complete this assignment, just send me a moodle message! I wanted to present these options to you before the holidays to give you a chance to create a gift in case you were having the "Problem of the Gift!" However, you may decide you want to try one (or all) of these invention ideas (or your own invention idea) over the winter break while you have time to spare. I would just like to have all submissions by the time we return from break so I can share them with the class! Thank you!

Click Here: Sparkling Bath Stones

These Sparkling Bath Stones will make your next bath fizzle and smell great! Get creative with scents. color, and fizzle!

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Click Here: Hack-A-Greeting Card

Surprise someone with the gift of music in this greeting card hack!

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Click Here: Balloon Hovercraft

Have fun building and playing with this balloon hovercraft! Can't bear to give it away? Make two and race them!

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Click Here: Marshmallow Blaster

No need to buy one in the store! Make your own! Get creative with decorating your blaster! Can you modify it to shoot mini marshmallows? Perhaps someone would like a few shot into their cocoa? Make sure you ask them first?

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Have Fun! Get Creative!