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How to protect yourself when choosing Home Security Doors

Want to improve the security of your home by installing security doors on the outside? There are different types of door which might be said to offer you security, including those which have reinforced frames and anti-pick hinges, but there are also other ways that you can make sure that you get the best door possible for your home. If you are interested in getting the best from your doors, then you need to understand how to protect yourself properly when buying a security door by running a checklist of things that the door should have.

Buying screen and sliding doors

Some of the most vulnerable doors in the property are screen and sliding doors. These doors have always been a popular way for burglars to get into your home, and this means that you can have problems when it comes to securing your home if you have a screen door. In order to get the proper

Home Security Doors for areas with sliding doors, then you need to be careful about how the door is fitted, and how you secure it afterwards. The installation of the door needs to comply with the Australian Standards test no.2804.2 (1996). You therefore need to make sure that your installer is qualified and that they are able to offer you a door which has been tested and proven to be up to standard.

Homeowners in Australia often feel that they have to choose between security doors and those which have a screen mesh which allows you to cool down the home in the summer. These doors are designed to provide security by sealing off an access to the house, but in many cases they are little more effective than hanging up a mosquito net. Burglars and home invaders may cut or tear the mesh in order to get into the home. In order to protect yourself against this possibility, you need to ensure that the screen door you choose is resistant to knives and other cutting or tearing devices.

How to ensure you select the right door

If you really want to improve the protection of your property with home security doors, then you need to take the time to research what you are looking for. Firstly, you need to assess whether the company is an official member of the approving body in your state, and also that they are fully licensed and are able to prove that their doors are secure. You may want to check the licence of the person doing the installing when the door arrives, to be sure that they are able to fit and secure the door to your door frame so that it cannot be removed by determined burglars.

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