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September 14, 2020

Dear Parents and Families,

What are we going to do if our internet is down? What will we do when a teacher or student has to be isolated or quarantined and has to be out two or three weeks? What will you do if your childcare arrangements don't work out? What will happen if we miss a day due a weather event? What if the water pipe bursts? Or the air goes out? Or if the computer breaks? What if we all can go full time face to face (or if we all have to go virtual)? Is your anxiety building? Is your heart racing? Is your head spinning? Here's what we are going to do. We are going to do the very best we can...and know that our best is good enough for today. That's what we will do. That's all we (you and I) can do. It doesn't mean that we will be satisfied with today's outcome. My best effort tomorrow will hopefully be better than my best effort today. But, for today I plan to live knowing that I gave it my best. I'm going to trust that you are doing the same. These past six months have taught us how to wear a mask, what six feet really is, and how best to wash hands. We have also learned how to teach and learn and parent with constant uncertainty and needed flexibility. "Monitor and adjust" is a mantra for all of us. The only predictable aspect of life right now is knowing that our plans will change. Planning still matters and is vitally important but the truth is that we must be satisfied that our best is enough. As we move ahead, know that our staff is committed to that. We know you and our children are as well. When things go awry and it feels like the bottom is falling out (again), let's hold fast to the assumption that the person on the other side is truly doing the best he/she can. If our children see the big people doing that, they will know their best is good enough as well.


Rhonda Kelsey, Principal

COVID-19 Communication

Please contact an administrator or the school nurse (Rhonda Cranford, RN, direct line:803-981-1564) if your student tests positive for Covid-19 or is in close contact with a person who has tested positive.

Communication this school year is key in the prevention and spread of the Covid-19 virus.

What does it mean to be a close contact of someone with COVID-19?

Close contact is defined as being within 6 feet of someone who tested positive for COVID-19 for at least several minutes (usually about 15 minutes). The virus is spread primarily from person to person through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth or nose. That is why it is so important to wash your hands often and clean frequently touched surfaces at least daily.

Comunicación COVID-19

Por favor comuníquese con un administrador o la enfermera de la escuela (Rhonda Cranford, RN, línea directa: 803-981-1564) si su estudiante da positivo por Covid-19 o está en contacto cercano con una persona que ha dado positivo.

La comunicación este año escolar es clave en la prevención y propagación del virus Covid-19.

¿Qué significa ser un contacto cercano de alguien con COVID-19? El contacto cercano se define como estar dentro de los 6 pies de alguien que dio positivo por COVID-19 durante al menos varios minutos (generalmente alrededor de 15 minutos). El virus se transmite principalmente de persona a persona a través de gotitas respiratorias cuando una persona infectada tose, estornuda o habla. Es posible que una persona contraiga COVID-19 al tocar una superficie u objeto que tenga el virus y luego tocarse la boca o la nariz. Por eso es tan importante lavarse las manos con frecuencia y limpiar las superficies que se tocan con frecuencia al menos una vez al día.

Important Dates

September 8 - October 5: First Grade Students Screened in Reading (FAST Testing)

September 9 - 21: Kindergarten Students Screened in Reading and Math (FAST Testing)

September 10: First A Day Fire Drill

September 11: First B Day Fire Drill

September 14: First C Day for Group A Students

September 17: Lockout Drill

September 18: Lockout Drill

September 21: First C Day for Group B Students

September 29: Title I Early Literacy Picnic for Families

October 1: Picture Day for Group A Students

October 2: Picture Day for Group B Students

October 5: Progress Reports will go home this week

October 12: Early Release Day

October 19: Teacher Work Day - NO SCHOOL

Attendance Guidelines

Please be aware of the following attendance guidelines that will be in place for all C/A/B students during the few weeks of September:

  • Class attendance on in-person days will be taken within the first 15 minutes of class.

  • When students are not on campus (alternate day or not on campus for a C learning day) they are to check in using Canvas. A Canvas quiz labeled “Attendance” will be launched for students to check-in on their at-home days.

  • 4th and 5th Grade students will use their Homeroom course in Canvas and will be asked to answer one question to indicate they have logged into Canvas for that day. Student check in will be accepted from 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. daily on the at-home attendance day.

  • For September, PreK through 3rd Grade students who are not on campus (alternate day or not on campus for a C learning day) will complete teacher assigned work to turn in on the next day back on campus to be marked “in attendance” for the day not on campus.

Once we ensure we have accurate student class lists and enrollment data, the district will share a seamless method for student attendance checks for the alternate days (off campus days) for all of PreK through 5th grade using Canvas.

All Students Must Provide Official Documentation for Any Absence:

  • A written excuse (signed by a parent/guardian) OR a medical excuse is to be provided within three days after returning to school.

  • This documentation may be submitted electronically by using the Attendance link located on Ebinport's website homepage under Quick Links. This documentation will be entered and filed in the student’s attendance file in the attendance office at their home school.

Students participating in a combination of onsite and virtual instruction will be subject to both attendance procedures set forth above. This is consistent with state law and regulations.

Las Siguientes Pautas de Asistencia

Tenga en cuenta las siguientes pautas de asistencia que estarán vigentes para todos los estudiantes C / A / B durante las pocas semanas de septiembre:

  • La asistencia a clases en días en persona se tomará dentro de los primeros 15 minutos de clase.

  • Cuando los estudiantes no están en el campus (en un día alterno o no en el campus para un día de aprendizaje C) deben registrarse usando Canvas. Se lanzará un cuestionario de Canvas con la etiqueta “Asistencia” para que los estudiantes se registren en sus días en casa.

  • Los estudiantes de cuarto y quinto grado usarán su curso de salón en Canvas y se les pedirá que respondan una pregunta para indicar que han iniciado sesión en Canvas ese día. Se aceptará el registro de estudiantes de 8 a.m. a 8 p.m. diariamente en el día de asistencia en casa.

  • Para septiembre, los estudiantes de PreK a 3rd grado que no estén en el campus (en un día alterno o no en el campus para un día de aprendizaje C) completarán el trabajo asignado por el maestro para entregarlo al día siguiente de regreso al campus para ser marcado como "en asistencia" para el día no en el campus.

Una vez que nos aseguremos de tener listas de clases de estudiantes y datos de inscripción precisos, el distrito compartirá un método perfecto para verificar la asistencia de los estudiantes para los días alternos (días fuera de la escuela) para todos los grados de PreK a 5th grado usando Canvas.

Todos los estudiantes deben proporcionar documentación oficial por cualquier ausencia:

  • Se proporcionará una excusa por escrito (firmada por un padre / tutor) O una excusa médica dentro de los tres días posteriores al regreso a la escuela.

  • Esta documentación puede enviarse electrónicamente mediante el enlace de Asistencia ubicado en la página de inicio del sitio web de Ebinport en Enlaces rápidos. Esta documentación se ingresará y archivará en el archivo de asistencia del estudiante en la oficina de asistencia de su escuela local.

Los estudiantes que participen en una combinación de instrucción presencial y virtual estarán sujetos a los dos procedimientos de asistencia establecidos anteriormente. Esto es consistente con las leyes y regulaciones estatales.

4K Spot Available

Do you know a student who turned 4 before September 1, 2020 that would benefit from a full day 4K program? Ebinport Elementary has one slot available in its full day 4K program. At this time this program is operating on the C-A-B schedule, however, we will return to a full day, face to face option when the school district is able to return to full time, face to face instruction. If you are interested in this opportunity you must be zoned for Ebinport Elementary. Please call the front office at 981.1550 or email rkelsey@rhmail.org to express your interest. All inquiries must be received before 4:00 PM on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. Once the inquiry window closes we will call each family that is interested in this slot to schedule an appointment for screening. A determination for enrollment will happen shortly after this screening process concludes. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Kelsey at the email above.

Hot Spot Application

Hot Spots for internet access are available on a limited basis. Applications will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis. You will be notified when your application is approved and provided a location to pick up the Hot Spot.

All Parents - Mobile Computing Guide

Click here for required information to secure your child's device for this year. This presentation and information is in English and Spanish.

Need Tech Help?

Starting on September 8th, you can call 324-TECH (8324) to reach a Rock Hill Schools centralized HELP Desk. Our technology techs will be answering your calls for support from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm.
Return to School Plan for Rock Hill Schools

Many questions about plans and procedures - especially regarding COVID - can be found here.

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