Life, Love, and Pursuit.

Classie Inkton

Life, Love and Pursuit

In the beginning of the story its about these 2 girls named Cami and joise and Joise like this gut named Nathan. Cami told Joise all these things about what guys like in a girl and was giving her ideas. Cami was talking to Nathan and asked him did he liked joise but they were all friends. Nathan kept calling Cami every other day and Joise didnt know because Cami liked Nathan too. Joise fin out that Nathan kept calling Cami because Cami told her she got all mad and went to the bathroom and started crying she didnt go to 1st period but she did went 2nd period but she had to get a pass though. Cami and Joise didnt talk for a while but when they had they basketball game joise went up to cami and said im sorry and they kept talking. Natahn went up to joise told her that he was sorry and he gave her a big hug she was happy. At that Nathan asked out Joise and she said yes! they even went to senoir prom together by that Cami also i had a boyfriend too Nathans best friend Frenidrick! They we are all happy and loved one another.

Twilight:New Saga

I pick this one because it goes with my book. Its about love and happiness and how meet someone if you like so much. It rhymes with everything and goes with the title of my book. This happen to the same thing in my book that i read they both meet in a school and asked each other in the same school. Talks about friends like this person and that person and how they ask people out and they find out like OMG she is dating him!

Life, LOve and Pursuit.

Joise has brown hair and beautiful blue eyes like Niel Hornan so does Cami. But Cami has blonde hair. They both play basketball. Joise is better at basketbal then Cami is. Joise is in honors english and math. Cami is just in Honors English. They have been best friends since they were little kids. They just love to hang with each other and always have fun and talk about boys and always love to tell each other secrets!

Life, Love and Pursuit.

The conflict is that Cami is trying to beat Joise in the basketball game because she is always winning. This is last basketballgame of the year. The conflict is resolved by coach and told Joise to watch Cami because she be always behind her and Joise is always trying to get the ball from Joise. But at the end of the game Joise and her team won and cami was upset but she was happy for her best friend and her team. Joise went to Florida to go visit her other friends and her family. But also she missed her other best friends from home!

Life, Love and the Pursuit.

By:Janette Rallisom

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