Democritus ("Atoms")

Darvi, Ashley, Katie, and Jordan


Democritus was an Ancient Greek philosopher. He was an influential pre-socratic philosopher who found the atomic theory for the universe. He lived from 460 BC to 370 BC. He lived in the cities of Abdera, Thrace, and Greece. Democritus was important because he was the first person to discover existence of atoms in the fourth century BC.

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Democritus did not use experiments, but he created a speculation about the existence of small pieces that make up any of the objects we have contact with. He theorized that you can divide objects into smaller pieces until you cannot do it anymore. The name of the tiniest pieces were called atoms, Atoms come from the word "atomos" which means indivisible in Greek.

After his discovery, for two thousand years, the theory was rarely mentioned. Romans were good at engineering; however, they showed no interest in the idea of matter. In the Middle Ages, belief systems were more important than the subject of science.