Panther Paper

Norfolk Junior High

Felipe G

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Back to the Future

This movie is a comedy that takes place in 2015. This movie focuses on the future of Marty McFly. When they help Marty McFly's son, so he won't go to jail, they are successful . Only when they go back to their own time, they find out that Biff is the richest man. Marty finds out that his mother is married to Biff and that his father is dead. You'll have to watch the movie to find out what happens...

An Egg is Broken

On June 5th, 1989, the egg Humpty Dumpty was broken into many pieces after falling from a tight rope. Humpty Dumpty was at the The Big Red Circus performing when he fell off the tightrope. He first joined the circus when he was 14. He joined the circus because he thought his parents didn’t love him. His parents did indeed love him.They have been searching for him ever since he ran away from home.When they heard of Humpty Dumpty’s fall, they we very sad. Humpty was performing his tightrope routine when he fell off. The circus clowns said that he wasn’t feeling well that day, but Humpty still performed. The ring master said he looked wobbly when he was on the tightrope. When Humpty fell off the tightrope, the paramedics arrived, they took Humpty to the hospital and tried to put him back together again. After hours of trying to put him back together again, they said he was never going to be back together again.

Whale Trail Frenzy

This is a game about Willow the Whale, he is trying to escape the darkness. To run away from the darkness he must go to the skies. He must collect colored bubbles to remain in the sky. When Willow is in the skies he must avoid storm clouds to not be shocked. During the game you are able to get power ups that get you farther into the game.

Polar Bear

First of all the polar bear is a carnivore. It eats walrus and beluga whale. Their scientific name is ursus maritimus. The males usually weigh 550-1700 pounds and the females weigh 200-700 pounds. The females are very protective of their young. There lifespan is 25-30 years in the wild. One thing that threatens them is the climate change. If the weather is cold, they have layers of fat to keep them warm, their skin is black to absorb sunlight. Polar bears are very tall animals, they are 8-10 feet tall. There fur is white, so that they are camouflaged in the snow covered areas that they live in. Fur grows on the bottom of their paws, so that they have traction on the ice. As you can see, polar bears are very interesting animals.

The Debate

I am against year-round schooling, because in the summer a lot of kids visit their families. In the summer many high school kids get jobs during the summer. The summer is the time to get a tan. I believe that a much needed break is imperative to get away from school.

The Amazing Adventure

Once their was a dolphin, and he was destined to become a ninja. When the dolphin ninja was a young dolphin, his parents got murdered by a gang of sharks, and from then on he promised himself that he would regain his honor and bring justice to the gang of sharks that murdered his parents. He searched every inch of Merica, but he needed assistance from Mary Beri to find the gang of sharks that murdered his parents. Merry Beri helped the dolphin ninja find the gang of sharks. When they finally confronted the gang of sharks, the dolphin ninja said, "Eeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee."

They found the gang of sharks in Dirty Daninatorville. When the gang of sharks was going to attack, Merry Berry said, “I’m not afraid to eat your babies!” After a battle that had seemed to last forever, the dolphin ninja was victorious. The dolphin ninja and Mary Beri were happy, happy, happy.

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