Mrs. Bennett's First Grade Class

September 6, 2013


We will continue our unit on understanding addition. We are learning that when you join two parts together, they form a whole! We have been learning about number patterns, putting parts together, part/part/whole boards, and how to draw a picture (represent) to help us solve problems. Our learning target is: I can represent and solve problems with addition.

Feel free to continue reading and writing numbers up to 120 and solving simple addition problems. My website has a lot to help! Go to math and then either numbers or addition or addition story problems.


We learned a lot about how to write a good sentence with details! We are going to begin writing repeating books this coming week. For example: Brown Bear, Brown Bear is a repeating book. Any book that has a section that repeats throughout the book would fit into this category. Our learning target is: I can demonstrate use of various types of writing and their purposes.

Social Studies

We are continuing our unit on Rules and Laws. We will be learning about laws in our community. We will also be taking our test. To help your child prepare for the test, feel free to have discussions about various rules/laws and how they help us (the common good). Our learning target is: I can explain how rules and laws are made for the common good.

Reading / Phonics

We will be reviewing some more consonant sounds and practicing how to spell words with the th, sh, and ng sounds.

We are continuing our work with vowel town to help us learn our vowel sounds.


  • We have snack every day at 2:00.
  • We go to the library on Thursday mornings. Please leave your child's library books in their backpack so they can trade every week.
  • There is an Ice Cream Social on September 10. Hope to see you there and enjoy some delicious ice cream!!
  • September 11 is an early release day.
  • Your child brought home a fundraiser for the Walkathon. All money is due by September 18. Thanks for your support!
  • There is not going to be a formal Parent Information Night this year. We have created a presentation for you to view about First Grade. There will be a link coming out soon, or you can go to my website - click on Parent Resources - click on Newsletters, and view it now. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will help clarify anything.


Monday - Music

Tuesday - PE

Wednesday - Art / Early Release

Thursday - Art / Library

Friday - Music