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WHAT'S HAPPENING THIS WEEK (September 13 - 18)

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September 13

After-school rehearsal (5 - 8 p.m.)

Trunk-or-Treat Planning Committee Meeting (5:30 p.m.)

Work Day for Hats (5 - 7:30 p.m.)

We need help removing old accents from hats, prepping hat color, and making feather accents for hats.

September 14

After-school rehearsal (5 - 8 p.m.)

Work Day for Props & Hats (4:30 - 8 p.m.)

We need help with 1) Props: putting vinyl on props, painting props; and 2) Hats: preparing performance hats and making feather accents for hats.

Band Booster General Membership Meeting (6:30 - 8 p.m.)

September 15

Competition Meal Plan Deadline (REQUIRED)

Spirit Night at Beijing Bistro!

September 16

After-school rehearsal (5 - 7 p.m.)

September 17

Before-school rehearsal (7 - 8 a.m.)

JHS vs San Antonio McCollum High School (7 p.m. This is a CHANGE from 7:30 p.m.)

Harlandale Memorial Stadium

September 18

3rd annual Jaguar Jog 5k/10k supporting the Johnson Jaguar Band! (7 a.m.)

Work Day for Props & Hats (9 a.m. Immediately following the Jaguar Jog)

Please come out and help with the Jag Jog in the morning and then head over to the band hall with us to help us with props. We need help with 1) Props: putting vinyl on props, painting props, and 2) Hats: preparing performance hats and making feather accents for hats.

Thunder in the Hills Percussion Competition

A detailed schedule will come out early this week. Percussion students, soloists, directors and technical help will need to be at the band hall before lunch and plan to leave around 11 a.m. A meal plan option will be available. JHS Percussion competes at 2 p.m.! Come out and show your support!

A message from Mr. Lucita

What a great homecoming week! We want to congratulate our two band members who were on the court: Kylie Frensley and Parker Taylor. It was awesome having two members of our band selected for this honor!

Before we look ahead to this week, let’s address an item of importance from last week! Students, we must do a much better job of cleaning our area before we leave the band hall. Everyone wants to get home after the game; however, our dressing rooms and instrument locker room were left in a horrible state. There were uniform parts, clothing, food, trash and spilled water everywhere. It was awful!! No one uses these areas other than you! We are blessed to have incredible facilities, and we must ensure that they are well cared for and cleaned. If everyone does their part, it only takes a couple of minutes to finish. Let’s make sure everyone does their part! We have this week's game to ensure that this is taken care of, or we will need to have a facility inspection for future events before anyone is allowed to leave. We all want to go home as soon as possible, so let’s make sure we take care of business.

Now let’s look at this coming week! There has been an adjustment to the start time of the McCollum football game this coming Friday. The game will now begin at 7:00 rather than 7:30! That does not really impact our band students, however it will impact those parents wanting to attend the game and driving to San Antonio. Parents please note this time change and plan accordingly. The address of the stadium will be published on this weeks Game Day Schedule!

This week is Finish The Drill Week!!! Our goal is to finish learning all of part four this week! This is HUGE as it will allow us to finish with drill and begin the cleaning and visual process as we prepare for our first contest in two weeks!! September 25th!! We have had a slight increase in student absences. Please note that if a student misses one day of practice, they are missing 1/3 of the entire week of marching band. Missing one practice means you are missing 2 - 3 hours out of eight hours total. As we approach contest, increasing the amount of drill and especially the velocity of our tempos and movement, it is imperative that we every student at every rehearsal. Missing rehearsal will cause a student to not march at the game or contest that week or lose their spot to a student who is present at that rehearsal. We understand sickness and emergencies; however, we must work towards the success of every student, and having a vacancy on the field impacts everyone.

We have TWO major events this coming Saturday!!! Our Drumline will be competing in a “Thunder In The Hills” contest at Dripping Springs High School: Let’s wish them the best of luck as they take part in this competition! We also have our Jag Jog this weekend!! We want to send a huge “Thank You” to everyone who has been working hard planning to organize this annual event! We also want to thank all of the volunteers who will be helping out on race day, as well as our sponsors and participants! It’s going to be an action-packed Saturday!!

Items of importance one more time before we wrap up this weeks' newsletter:

1. Clean areas when finished.
2. Game kickoff at 7 p.m., not 7:30 p.m.
3. Be at practice! No absences!
4. Drumline at Dripping Springs.
5. JAG JOG at JHS!

Let’s make this the best week yet! As always, it's a Great Day To Be A Jaguar!


Make sure to check more out at (password: GoJags)

And big thanks to our Jaguar Marching Band photographers - parent volunteers: Juliette Kroeger, Mark McDaid, and Lucretia Wise!

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What do i need to know this week?

Jaguar Jog

Click here to see our promo video! Parents and students! We need you! Please sign up to volunteer. Please note that we are aware of the potential conflict for those of you with a student in the percussion section due to their competition at "Thunder in the Hills". We will keep everyone updated as to the potential conflict as soon as we receive the schedule for that competition.

Champion Classic Marching Festival Boerne, Sat., Sept. 25th

This competition will be held at the Boerne ISD Stadium. Presale tickets are on sale for $8 for a saving of $2 off the gate ticket prices. These will be available until September 22 at midnight.

Sign-Making Parties & Send-offs for Competition

Each year parents and supporters of the Jag Band & Guard gather to wave at the busses and send off the kids to competition. Please click here to learn more about upcoming sign-making parties and send-offs!

Grading Period and Eligibility

The grading period for eligibility cut-off date (no pass, no play) is Oct. 1, one day before BOA-Midland! Please help your student keep up their grades so that they can travel and perform at BOA-Midland with the group.

Band Photos

Band group and individual photos have been uploaded to You may view and purchase them through their website

Sign up for a Committee!

Choose the way you would like to provide support to the Jaguar Band by clicking HERE!

What's coming up?

Click here for more upcoming events.

September 20

Sign-making party for send-offs (5:30 - 8 p.m.)

September 24

Lehman vs JHS @ Shelton Stadium--Blackout Game (7:30 p.m.)

September 25

Champion Classic Marching Festival Boerne at the Boerne ISD Stadium. Presale tickets are on sale for $8 for a saving of $2 off the gate ticket prices. These will be available until September 22 at midnight.

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Practice shirts for this week:

Monday: white

Tuesday: black

Thursday: grey

Friday: white (practice); black (pep rally)

Game Day:

Friday: Bring black capris, black jazz shoes, black sneakers


Uniform replacement policy: As we approach the time when the band and guard will be wearing formal uniforms, we wanted to make sure you were aware of the uniform replacement policy.

Please know that if your student forgets one of the items listed below, they will need to purchase a replacement as we cannot "lend" these out because we cannot resell used items. Furthermore, there are approximately 200 members in the marching band, and handing these items out without recouping cost is way too costly and unsustainable.

We accept cash or credit card. If students are unable to pay on that day, your account will be billed. Please know that any debt left outstanding will result in a hold with the school that could prevent your student from such things as purchasing prom tickets to qualifying for exemptions from finals.

Lastly, for Band and Guard students, please put your student's name on ALL UNIFORM PARTS. We recommend using paint pens/sharpies. If they are labeled, we can get those items back to your student - if they are not labeled, we cannot get those items back to them and it may result in you paying unnecessarily for replacements.

Prices of replacement items:

Polo $24

khaki shorts $20

water jug $8

wristband $3

black socks $2

black gloves $3 (gloves will be passed out this week)

With that said, if you have old summer uniform items that your student no longer uses and that are in good shape, please send those to the band hall. The uniform crew will be creating a "Uniform Closet" from which will first be utilized to assist any families in need and, if sizes are available, students can check out to borrow. Please know that if the item is not returned within 5 school days, your account will be charged the appropriate amount and outstanding debts will result in holds for your student as was explained above.


Jaguar Marching Band Uniform Crew

Section of the Week: Percussion

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looking for an easy way to volunteer to help the Jaguar Marching Band? We have just the opportunity for you!

As you know, the Jaguar Band and Guard are working hard to put on an outstanding competition show! But their hard work won't be acknowledged by the judges if their uniforms are dirty and sloppy. That's where you come in! We need your help keeping them clean and in good shape.

Uniform Washing Crew volunteers will help wash uniforms after about every 3 wears. The members of this crew will each be assigned a certain set of numbered uniforms for which they are responsible every time the uniform chair indicates the uniforms need to be washed.

Please know that 1) we provide you with the supplies you need to wash and 2) you are invited to use the commercial machines at the school or you can take your set home to wash.

Sign up here:

how do i stay connected?

Get Connected: Remind App, JHS Band Calendar, Photos & Newsletters. We're also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

Students, text the phrase @jagsmarch to 81010.

Parents, text the phase @jagbandpts to 801010.

Register for Band Emails: Make sure you and your student are in our Charms system.

Volunteer: All volunteers in Hays CISD must sign up here first. THEN, join a Johnson Jaguar Band Booster Committee! Join a Committee; help with Game Days, Competitions or the Jaguar Jog; volunteer with our Fly a Flag program.

How do i buy johnson jaguar band swag?

Visit our website for Spirit Gear & Merchandise!

Now available on our web store--car decals, clear bags, shorts, athletic pants/joggers, a new shirt design, beanies, polos, and a jacket will be available in the coming weeks, too.

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how do i support johnson jaguar band?

Join the Johnson Jaguar Band Boosters!

Subscribe to Fly a Flag! Show your National Pride AND support the Johnson High School Band! The Johnson Band Boosters are offering a US Flag Subscription service! For national holidays a 3’ x 5’ flag on a pole will be placed in your front yard. The flags will be installed at least one day before the holiday and will be removed after the holiday (length of display will vary depending on when the holiday occurs). A one-year subscription to the Fly A Flag Program is $52. At this time, this service is only being offered in the Johnson High School attendance zone.


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