Elements in Rhythm: FLORIDA

Improv, Music, & Nature Come Together

Ancient Wisdom ::: In Action!

Are you ready to rock (and water, and wood, and fire, and earth)?

Indigenous cultures get it: living so closely to nature reminds them daily that life requires balance in order to exist in harmony with one another and with the world around us. Nature and the rhythms of the earth serve as a guide for how we might connect through interesting and meaningful ways. Join THE VIBE TRIBE and uncover your connection to a life in rhythm.

Modern societies tend to forget that we're all in this together. So here's an occasion where we can activate ways of being, doing, and speaking that declare unity, cultivate relationships, create transformation, serve life, and embody the gifts of nature. AND WE'LL MAKE IT HUGE FUN BECAUSE WE'LL DO IT WITH DRUMS! No musical experience is necessary. We provide drums and percussion, and you're welcome to bring your own. Adults of all ages, wages, and stages of life are welcome.

Together we'll explore the wisdom of the ancients, the natural order of the planet, and the insights we each carry. In this PLAYSHOP we'll use drums and percussion to shake things up; to know connection and harmony in experiential rather than merely philosophical ways. We'll be LOUD and LIVELY and JOYOUS through in-the-moment music-making. And we'll remind one another what's important about how and why we come together as a community at play.

A Hands-On Playshop

Participants should come prepared to PLAY! We'll drum some and we'll talk a lot about how life shows up around us. It's simple, and it's profound. It requires some stretching of the comfort zone, AND some willingness to put yourself out there in an immersive, small group setting. Not to worry: it's kind and supportive and surprisingly insightful!

This workshop evolved from ancient wisdom taught through Chinese Medicine and Village Traditions. It's deep philosophical stuff applied in a fun way that makes it easy to understand. Some might say it's hands-on spirituality, but really its drumming and new thought in action at the same time. The idea is to get EMBODIED as well as heady, using percussion-based music in a holistic (mind-body-spirit) practice.

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This workshop is great for a variety of interests: personal growth, indigenous wisdom traditions, integrative and evidence-based complementary medicine, spiritual seekers, drum circle enthusiasts.


a) experience and explore a particular protocol that generates wellness-focused conversations through the creative practices of storytelling and music-making,

b) engage in embodiment activities designed to give you visceral as well as cognitive understanding, and

c) receive print materials to help you retain and re-activate this hands-on experience with others.

$149 for you, $249 for two

Save $50 when you bring a friend, OR when you book a seat in our second workshop.

Elements in Rhythm

Saturday, Jan. 16th 2016 at 9am-12pm

115 Lameraux Road ∙ Winter Haven, Florida 33884

Hosted at the Howe House, Lake Region Audubon Society.

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115 Lameraux Road ∙ Winter Haven, Florida 33884

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Hosted at the Howe House, Lake Region Audubon Society.

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About the Presenter

GREG WHITT practices transformative leadership and social change. It's based in the ancient wisdom traditions of the world. The focus is reconnection to the natural order of things, including our own nature, by taking a look at the bigger picture. Find him online at www.triangleteambuilding.com

Greg is the founder of the Raleigh Drum Circle and president of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild. He believes life is richer when we communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with one another and with the world around us. He facilitates programs that help people live, work, and play well together. Greg holds a graduate certificate in Transformative Leadership from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. He regularly leads interactive and inspirational programs for groups of 10 to 300 people. Learn more at www.drumforchange.com