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February 2020

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Add To Your Calendars!

February - Kindness Month

February 12th - Open House for Families of Second Language Learners, 6:00pm

February 17th - No School: President's Day

February 18th - PTCO Meeting, 7:00pm

February 27th - Evening of the Arts (2nd and 3rd Grades)

March 6th - PTCO Family Bingo Night

Guidelines for Parent Visitors

Your involvement with our school is extremely important to us; however, we need to make sure that any visitors to the school follow some guidelines to protect the safety and privacy of all students. If you have a concern about a child, please never confront that student directly. Please direct any and all concerns to your child's teacher or to the front office and it will be handled immediately. Concerns can also be sent directly to Mrs. Turner-Bell or Mr. Lucciotti any time and we will follow back up with you.

Welcome Ms. Gruszkowski!

We'd like to welcome Ms. Gruszkowski, Pattie's new Registrar and Secretary!
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Families of Second Language Learners Open House

Pattie will be hosting its first Open House for families of our Second Language Learners on February 12th, beginning at 6:00pm. Guests will learn about the various supports that we offer for their students, as well as learn ways to be involved with the school and ways to support their children at home. Free child care will be provided!
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Drum Kit Needed!

We have a lot of talented students here at Pattie and we would love to have a small drum kit on hand for some of our school-wide events. If anyone has a drum kit that they would be willing to donate, it would be greatly appreciated!

Evening of the Arts Changes

Rather than having a separate Evening of the Arts for every grade level, we will now be combining two grade levels together. This will require specific schedules for each event. Please be on the look out for this information coming home as the date of your child's grade level approaches.

2nd/3rd: Thursday, February 27th

4th/5th: Thursday, April 2nd

Kg/1st: Thursday, May 21st

2019-2020 Yearbooks

2019-2020 Pattie Yearbooks are available for purchase! Congratulations to these two young ladies for having their artwork selected for the front and back covers! Follow this link to purchase your yearbook:
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Leveling Up

Pattie's "Level Up Boards" promote setting individualized goals for self-improvement rather than a one-size fits all approach. As children demonstrate improvement in their goal area, they accumulate paw cards. When they earn a pre-determined amount of paw cards, they're able to "level up" - simulating the same approach used in video games. When students level up, they also earn an Element point for their Element. At Pattie, we have three benchmark levels - Blue, Gold, and Legend. Once students reach these benchmark levels, they earn dog tags and are recognized either during morning announcements or during quarterly pep rallies.
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Pep Rally

Recently, Pattie held its 2nd Quarter Pep Rally, where we recognized over 200 students who have reached a benchmark level. We also revealed the quarterly leader in Element Points - Fire!! Fire will have its Element represented in the student lounge until the end of the 2nd quarter.

Headphone Donations

Pattie offers a 1:1 match in grades 2-5, which means that we have at least one type of device (lap top, IPad, or Kindle) for every student, in addition to various devices in Kindergarten and 1st Grade. In order to take full advantage of these devices, we need headphones for every student. We welcome any and all donations of headphones for our students. If you would like to donate, please drop them off in our office and ask that they be given to Mrs. Grogan, our Instructional Technology Coach. Headphones are preferred over ear buds, as they can be cleaned in between usage.
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Become a Reading Mentor!

The purpose of this volunteer reading program is to ensure that our students have valuable reading time and a strong relationship with an adult. In order to create consistent mentoring, establish trust with students, and build on weekly progress, we are asking volunteers to commit to a specific day(s) and time slot for the rest of the school year. Volunteers will be paired with two students with whom they will meet with each time that they come into the school. Volunteers are needed for the following time slots:

8:30-9:00 am

12:00-12:30 pm

2:00-2:30 pm

Sign up here or contact for more information.

Spring Enrichment Matters Registration Feb. 19th-March 1st

Registration for the Spring Session of enrichment programming will open February 19th at 9:00 am and will close March 1st at midnight. We are excited to offer Cartoon Creations Art Class, Cooking, Flag Football, Hip Hop, Robotics and Chess this spring. Financial Assistance may be available. Contact for more information. You can register your child during the open registration period online here:
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Dress Like A Principal

On behalf of Mr. Lucciotti and Mrs. Turner-Bell, we would like to thank every student who dressed like a Principal for Principal Appreciation Week. It was an awesome way to show appreciation and it certainly taught us that we need to dress a little sharper!
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Have you ever asked your student what they did in school today only to get a short, uninformative response? Twitter allows a unique opportunity for families to have a daily view into the awesome learning experiences happening throughout the day at Pattie. Twitter is not only an awesome way for us to communicate the variety of learning opportunities that students participate in regularly, but it can also give parents a starting point for engaging their student in conversations about what they're doing in school. Sign up to join and search for #pattiepanthers.
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