Adolescent Females

Puberty Changes

When puberty begins to occur in a young females life, it raises many questions about different aspects of their life, including physical and emotional changes. Some of these physical changes include- breast enlargement, hair growth, sweating, and growing taller and rounder. Emotional changes include- sensitivity, mood swings, and becoming insecure. Each of these changes are characteristics of a young woman's body growing and maturing, and is normal for every teenager. If you don't go through these changes, something may be wrong and you should contact your family doctor.

During puberty, it is common for girls to experience arguments and a combative relationship with their parents, due to a new wanting of independence and grown up-ness. Parents, be calm with your teens. Being open about the facts involved with puberty is healthy and smart. Educating your teenager about the changes that are happening in her body is helpful and will most likely help her not be so weirded out with her changing body. Most importantly- be PATIENT. Remember when you were a teenage girl going through these changes. Especially all of the mood swings your mother had to put up with. Everybody does it and everybody goes through it. Be helpful and patient with your teenager and eventually, your relationship with her will survive the rocky parts and she will successfully get through puberty.