Off-the-Shelf Bathroom Cabinet

Off-the-Shelf Bathroom Cabinet

Disadvantages of Off-the-Shelf Bathroom Cabinets

There are dozens of different manufactured bathroom cabinets you can choose from. In the showroom, some of them look terrific, too. The problems begin after they are delivered to your home and installed:

Gaps: Every manufactured vanity is designed to fit into the largest array of spaces possible. For this reason, they are not vanity. designed to fill gaps between the sides of the cabinets and the wall. If the wall is not plumb or has an uneven finish, the back of the cabinet will also have gaps. These gaps are all unsightly dust collectors.

Storage: When you look at a bathroom cabinet in a showroom, you can only really guess if it has enough storage or the right kinds of storage for your needs. After the cabinet is installed and you begin to fill the shelves, you China vanity. discover that you have to start improvising. A favourite shampoo, for instance, won't fit upright on the shelf or those cosmetics that were intended to go in a neat row along one easy-to-reach shelf turn out to be all cramped together.

Quality: How long is that cabinet you bought in the showroom going to look as good as it did when you bought it? Mass-produced cabinets tend to be built to a lower standard than custom-built ones. First the little things, like the edging tape on a melamine shelf, begin to come unstuck. Then bigger problems begin to show.