The Middle of the World Monument

By: Trevor Galvez

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About the Monument

The middle of the world monument is a very important monument because it depicts where 0° latitude is. There is a line where you can cross into the southern hemisphere into the Northern Hemisphere just by taking 2 long steps.

The middle of the world monument was created in 1979 and has a tall broad stone pillar that stands up to 30ft tall leading upto a 5 ton brass globe of the world. They depicted in 1736 that the latitude 0° was in this location but they biult the monument over 200 years later. Thats kind of wierd. The monument is located in Ecuador and theres also an asumption that you can balance an egg on the tip of a nail easlier than at your house or anywhere else in the world.

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About the Area

The middle of the world monument also has very many attractions all around it . There are plenty of food markets and also an elevator leading up to the monument area. The monument stands on a terrace. The Terrace is very large though so its ok. The land around the monument has a large S and a large N standing for north and south and leading you to the monument is a long sandstone road. Don't drive on it though.The monument was created by French and its real name is Ciudad Mitad del Mundo.

Two of Them

The Middle of the World monument was biult twice!They claim that the first original was biult in 1936 but since then they found out in the 1960's that the monument was't centered om the equator. They have demolished the original and created the new and improved one that was built in 1979. They were both identical and nothing was changed from the original but the previous monument was very close to the equator but just short of it. Sounds like a miss calculation. They found out that it was off by using the gps from satelites.

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All in all, The monument is very tall and shows the line between the Northern and Southern hemispheres and allows people to see a non moving 5 ton brass globe that again doesnt move. The Monument is very important to Ecuador and deserves more attention because it represents the Middle of the world. Its right on the Eaquator. Right there. Im done.