Authentic and Relevant

High Quality Products are Authentic and Relevant.

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To be ready for life, students need to practice life. They need to learn by practicing the skills, ideas, and habits that they will need to thrive in life beyond the test, beyond high school, beyond college. The idea that students should learn by doing and should be active in their own education has been the foundation for the project based learning model.

What does it take for a Project to be Authentic?

Write a Great Authentic Task


Relevant projects motivate learners to learn new content and knowledge or gain skills because they genuinely find the project’s topic, compelling question, and tasks to be relevant and meaningful.

Establishing Real-World Connections in Projects (Keys to PBL Series Part 1)

What do Authenticity and Relevancy Look Like in PBL?

  • Review what the Project Design Rubric says about Authenticity and Relevance, and
  • Watch "Cells Gone Wild" and discuss the authenticity and relevancy in the project.
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