AP Macroeconomics

Mr. Knapp

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Room 132

First Day Procedure

1. Login to google chrome browser on your laptop- This will give you access to google apps and make it easier to save your work.

2. Click on this link http://goo.gl/forms/0xksQxJ7VN to complete this google form

Course Description

Advanced Placement Macroeconomics introduces students to general concepts in economics and examines national and global economic policy issues and structures. College credit can be received at most colleges and universities with a score of 3 or higher on the AP exam. Macroeconomics is a required course for many different degrees and majors at universities across the country.

AP Courses

Economics is a required course for graduation at Jones High School, taking the class for AP credit however, is voluntary. AP courses are intended to help prepare students for the rigors of college and are therefore more difficult and require more work. The extra effort put forth in AP courses is shown to colleges by adding weight to the grade points earned in class towards a student’s overall grade point average (GPA) and potentially in college credit. Students who volunteer to take an AP course are volunteering to do the extra work necessary to earn the added “weight” to their GPA and college credit. Success can be best achieved by attending every class session, completing all assignments and necessary readings as well as attending help sessions during the first and second semesters. These courses are geared to closely simulate the work load and expectation of courses that would be taken at the university level.

Attendance and Makeup Policy

The school attendance policy will be enforced. Tardy is considered not being in your desk when the bell rings. Make up work will only be given for excused absences.


Students will be informed of their progress on a regular basis. Evaluation is based strongly on both effort and quality.

Tests/Quizzes: 60%

Assignments/Homework: 40%

Class Rules

1. You are responsible in all ways for your laptop- make sure it is kept safe and know what content is on it.

2. Arrive to class on time- Be in your seat when the late bell rings

3. Treat everyone in the room, and their materials with respect

4. Food and drink need to be consumed or put away before entering the classroom

5. Be positive


Will be assigned on a weekly basis. These assignments will be completed via MyEconLab, the online site accompanying our textbook. These assignments are considered late after the assigned deadline. They can be turned in late and will receive a deduction of 10 points.


talking at any time during a test or quiz, even if you have already submitted your own; leaving answers uncovered during an exam or quiz; wandering eyes during an exam or quiz; copying the work of another student, and plagiarism.


MyEconLab is the online interface for the vast majority of homework assignments for this course and an online portal that will assist students in completing the course. You must have internet access to complete these assignments and you can do them at home, or at school in the media center or other computer labs before or after school or during lunch. Other online sources for assignments and homework will occur on reffonomics and Virtual Economics.


Foundation of Economics, AP Edition, 5thEdition by Robin Bade and Michael Parkin – Pearson Publishing