Assignment Flyer

Summarize something you've learned

Your Mission

... is to graphically summarize something that you have learned in one of your other classes.

Some examples:


  • process of photosynthesis
  • compare and contrast plant/ animal cells
  • compare and contrast vertebrates/ invertebrates


  • timeline of important events
  • timeline of a historical person's life
  • summarize characteristics of a dynasty or period of history


  • steps to go to college

English or Reading

  • illustrate a story's plot
  • compare and contrast two characters in a story


If you have an IAN, use it!

SAMPLE: Compare and Contrast: Reptiles/Amphibians

Big image
* Amphibians is spelled wrong above. Don't make the same mistake!

What's Required for a Good Grade

  • each box must have wording and at least one picture
  • pictures must illustrate your words
  • minimum 6 boxes
  • correct spelling

Web Resources For This Assignment

Go to EDU site for help videos