Take Out Party {101}


The "Bag"

At a Los Angeles, Michelle Freatman spoke about "Take Out Parties". And when I read about it I thought it was a GREAT idea to share with you all.

What's a "Take Out Party"?

A Take Out Party is a term used for a catalog party or book party. They are not intended to take the place of your home Jewelry Bars, but rather a great way to add some extra volume to your monthly income. Take Out Parties are great ways to book hostesses who weren't able to fit a Jewelry Bar into their busy schedule, allow a long distance hostess to benefit from our awesome rewards program, or even can be used as a way for a home Jewelry Bar hostess to collect orders from those who aren't able to attend her Jewelry Bar.

How do I set one up?

You can set your Take Out Party up however you are most comfortable. Some designers send a sample or demo locket with the packet, the choice is yours. Be sure to include all the necessary items: take out menus, order forms, contact slips, a hostess rewards flyer, a designer opportunity flyer, your business cards & any instruction or welcome letters. A pack slip is also a great form to include if you are including a sample locket so that the hostess knows what items she is responsible for & so guests who view the sample are clear on which items they are looking at.

How will this benefit my business?

When implemented with the proper planning, Take Out Parties can be your cushion each month for ensuring you reach your goals. They are also a great way to get your name out there & advertise your business with customers you wouldn't normally be able to reach.


  • Prepare Take Out Party packets ahead of time and always have one with you

  • Make sure your hostess is clear on how to correctly fill out an order form

  • Collect contact info from each customer so you can add them to your newsletter service

  • Set a deadline for when the hostess must return or ship the packet back to you

  • Don't allow Take Out Parties to linger - keep them to 1-2 weeks max for the best results

  • Never suggest a Take Out Party before a home Jewelry Bar -- Home parties are normally much higher in sales and result in more bookings & new team members

Michelle uses a 31 Beauty Bag but you can use any traveling toiletry bag. These are available everywhere and can be very affordable.

Take Out Party
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The Contents

Filling the bag!

  • Approximately 10 order forms
  • TOM's
  • Points of Difference
  • Hostess Exclusives
  • Designer Opportunity Flyer
  • Pens
  • Business Cards
  • In muslin bag she has one full Tag Necklace (it's your choice on how many you want to have on it)
  • 2 or 3 Fortune Cookies with a full locket, necklace and charms. You can also put a full locket back in the foam and box and display our chains separately so they can design.

Lay the TOM's (Take Out Menu's) in the middle and closes it up.

Ship this to your "Take Out Party" hostess and the hostess then takes it around to her friends and family to sell. She is given one week to get orders and then has to send the Take Out Party back.

Michelle said that she has never had a time where her products did not make it back to her safe and sound. It's a great idea for those that have friends that want to do an online party, but people still want to see it up close.

Please do not edit, crop or add information to it to the flyer below.

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There are various ways you can fill your "Party on the Go" Bag but always remember you just need a SMALL sampling of our product.

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Here is also a take out party inventory sheet. Make sure you add EVERYTHING you send so you can re-inventory when it gets returned to you.

How to Ship

Key Points:

  • The sayings on the box are just printed on regular paper and I just put packing tape over them.
  • It is $10 for me to ship it like this, and $10 to return. Good Customer Service to pay both ways!
  • This box is 9"w x 12"L x 3" H

    I have the Take Out Party visual glued to the inside of the box so it's the first thing the hostess sees.

    10 order forms
    Take Out Party Inventory List
    2 Pens
    Thank You card with Hostess Appreciation card and free puffy heart charm attached
    TAG Necklace with tags
    Business Cards
    2 Complete Lockets
    Hostess Wish List
    5 Rack Cards
    O2 Fact Sheets
    Hostess Rewards
    10 Customer Care Sheets
    Join My Team Flyer
    Take Out Instructions

    Paris used, For the box, a recycled Nature Box (great healthy snacks BTW) and I used Targets $1 section of the duc tape to cover the areas I wanted.

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