World Religions



The main belief in Islam is that there is only one god (Allah) and there is no one else to worship or invest faith in.


They believe this to honor their god and show their faith in him to become pure and have god on their side.


Islam's set of beliefs is simple and rational, all believers are equal, it is a "practical" religion. Some may want to join because the discipline and rules appeal to them.


For your neighbors, lend a hand

Show them that you understand

They have rights we must protect

Show them kindness and respect

For your neighbors try to care

When they're troubled, help repair

Lend an ear and listen too

If they're worried, help them through

For your neighbors give a smile

Spend time with them for a while

Look after your neighbor's needs

And Allah will reward your deeds

I think that this poem shows that if you are truly a muslim you must help those in need. In fact one of the pillars is to help and share with those in need.


"Sydney residents, in show of solidarity, use Twitter hashtag to offer to ride with Muslims on trains and buses who are fearful of repercussions from attack carried out by Iranian immigrant Man Haron Monis."-New York Times Magazine.

I believe that this story shows that people want peace and really want to help everyone because the residents in Sydney were actually protecting these Muslims.