Hi You Can Call Me Erik

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I'm the Best

Erik is the best - Daiki
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I wish I was Erik -George Clooney

I used to work at Nestlé Tollhouse©

I left because they thought I was too good at making cookies.

All about me

I am a senior at Marcus High School, however I strongly believe that school and family comes first... PSYCH! Money comes first. I will leave both if it comes between myself and a position at your company.


I've got like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills.

However I'm also great with customers, and am never late to work. I'm respectful to authority as well as being a good leader. I can also make my eyes vibrate back and forth really fast which could come in useful.

Please Don't Watch This
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I'm pretty artistic

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I'm throwing in a picture of Emilia Clarke because she is very pretty.

Some sweet stats about my life

Paper Resume Link

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