Joan Crawford

Dancer & Actress

By Alyssa Pasini Block 2

What was Joan Crawford best known for?

Joan was best known for her constant appearance in famous 1920's films. She participated in early television, theatre, and when she was ready, moved on to huge Broadway shows such as Innocent Eyes.

What was the length of Joan's life?

Joan was born in March 23, 1905, in San Antonio, Texas from the parents Thomas E. LeSueur and Anna Bell Johnson. Joan died in an unfortunate way during her 70's. On May 10, 1977, which was five years after her career ended, she had a heart attack in New York City. She now rests at Ferncliff Cemetery.

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Interesting facts about Joan:

~Her parents separated before she was born

~Her scholastic records were faked

~She was nominated for 3 Oscars, and won one

~She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for Mildred Pierce in 1945