What kind of disturbances create Electromagnetic Waves?

Electromagnetic waves are produced by vibrating electric charge.

What are two ways that electromagnetic waves are different from mechanical waves?

Electromagnetic waves are waves that do not need a medium to travel in, and therefore are able to travel through vacuums like space. But mechanical waves need a medium to travel. Another difference is how these waves move. Mechanical waves move molecules in the air, while electromagnetic waves travel in electromagnetic planes.

Then different aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum are as follows:

Radio- This type of wave has the lowest frequency and is the slowest. This leaves it on the bottom of the spectrum.

Microwave- this (fun fact-microwave is an onomatopoeia) is the second slowest wave, with a very slight difference than radio waves in frequency and speed. This is invisible to the naked eye.

Infrared- this wave, while invisible to the naked eyes, is used in the technology of thermal seeking goggles. The red light that emits from animals is actually infrared light. This has a higher frequency and speed, at 10-^5

Visible light- visible light is only slightly higher than infrared light in frequency in energy. At 10-^6, it brings colour and light into the world

Violet light- Violet light is substantially faster and higher in frequency than visible light. It has started the spectrum's spike in energy.

X-Ray- this wave has a high frequency and energy level. This type of wave has a radiation type of 10-^10, even larger than violet light. It is used to inspect bones and other foreign objects in the body.

Gamma Ray- with a radiation type of 10-^12, this has the highest energy level of all of the waves.