Miss. Pletka's Homeroom Class

Hello Parents!

Students have been working very hard throughout the semester and I am very proud of the process they have made in my classroom. We have another exciting week planned for our students here at Care ISD. With the Fall season here and Winter approaching, students have been learning about the changing of the seasons and nature. To incorporate the changes that surround them, we have decided to incorporate this into our weekly lessons for the month of November.

This Week In Mathematics

The focus in mathematics this week will be over the digits 0-9. Our interactive lesson plan while incorporating nature will revolve around squirrels collecting food for hibernation. We will begin our lesson by learning all about how squirrels collect acorns in the fall so they will have enough food to make it though the cold Winter. I have created flashcards with images of squirrels and a different single digit from 0 to 9 for the students and we will be helping different squirrels collect the amount of acorns they need to be prepared for the Winter season. Students will be placing the amount of acorns shown on each flashcard in our their collection basket to give to the squirrel. This will allow the students to get a hands on approach to counting and have a fun time learning about these adorable animals found all over our community.

Here is a cute video of a squirrel discovering a buried acorn. Enjoy!

Squirrel digs and finds buried Acorn

Help a Squirrel Collect Acorns!

Below is a link to a fun game where kids can help a squirrel collect acorns at home on their computer!

“I Am Thankful For….”

Thanksgiving break is just around the corner and I am very thankful for the opportunity I have had to teach all of my wonderful students this year. Thank you for all the support your families have given me throughout this school year to make my homeroom class such a wonderful place to teach! In reading and writing, students will be taking time to express all the things they are thankful for. We will be creating an “I Am Thankful For…” book where students will be writing and illustrating images of all the different things they are thankful for. The books will be laminated and bound for the students to take home and read to their families.

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