By: Autumn knisley


Asian elephants live in tropical rain forests and they migrate or travel through different parts of regions . Asian elephants live in southern Asia. They also live in forest's of Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, , Myanmar, and Vietnam.

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Asian elephants are herbivores they usually eat grass and all parts of plants and tree leaves. They also eat sugarcane, rice, and fruit. They take their food by pulling it into its trunk and puts it into its mouth.

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Physical Description

The weight of an adult elephant is 9000 to 20000 lbs. Also Asian and African elephants are easy to tell apart because of its ears and size.Its trunk is made entirely of muscle .

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Interesting Facts

Asian elephant are very well behaved in the wild but they don't act like wild animals .

Its kingdom is is the Animalia.

They also cannot run because they need 2 feet on the ground at all times.

Some elephants are trained to paint pictures.

Male elephants can also weigh up to 5.6 tons.

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